About Me

  I'm just an ordinary girl which like shopping, gossiping, be pretty etc.

  I love shopping but I can't do that now as I need to save  money T.T I used to shop every week. Now I only go shopping for grocceries. Another reason I didn't go to shopping is because I'm getting fatter and fatter. All the clothes that I like and wanted to buy but I couldn't fit in >.< So there's no point for me to go shopping then.. Better save it up for future use.

  I agreed with the quote "There is no ugly lady but only got lazy lady" ^^ Cause I'm 1 of the lazy lady. Every girls want to be slim & pretty which is I want to but it's so hard for me >.< as I'm a lazy bun. I love to eat but I'm lazy to exercise. Hehehe... That's why I'm getting fatter and fatter >.<

  I like to make up too.. As this can transform you to another person [more pretty]. Hehehe... I used to make up whenever I go to club. Without it, I would never go to a club. But it's different now [ever since I'm with this bf]. My world have been so boring. I quit going to club [not entirely yet] so no more excitement for me... T.T Now I only put on make up when it's needed. I don't really have a habit to put on make up whenever I leave the house. This has to depends on my  mood. Hahaha...

  I love to talk but not to stranger [stranger that meet on the street @.@]. Oh... I don't mind talk to girls that I don't know but not to guys cause you never know what the guys want. ^^ I can be friends with girls in the club but not guys. I always acted cool with guys cause I don't want them to think that I'm interested in them. Hahahaha... Well... There is exception for handsome guys ^^ Ahem... Have to depends on my mood too.. If I'm not in the mood to talk, I won't "layan" them. ^^

  My dream country Japan. How I wish I could go there... Since I can't, so I keep watching anime. Hahaha.. Just to fulfill my imagination. I like the winter scene but I hate cold. What can I do..?? Just keep that in my imagination first until I got money to travel there. ^^ Wish me luck...

  Want to know more about me...?? Then you have to get to know me.. Hahaha..
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