Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review - FreshLook Amethyst

In my previous post (here), I mentioned that I still have 1 colour contact len that I bought long time ago which is FreshLook Amethyst. So I finally use it after so long didn't wear colour contact len >.< I'm so excited and a bit scare cause scare people will stare at my eyes XD Luckily no~~

After so long, I finally wear colour contact len. At first, I thought the colour will be very intense... However it doesn't appear as what I have thought of.

Sorry that I didn't took a picture of the contact in box :P Below is picture of me wearing the contact len ^^

The picture is took under sunlight in the car using handphone >.< Currently I don't have camera yet. So please bear with the picture ^^ But in the picture you can see that the colour is not so obvious.

The above picture is taken with flash and the bottom is without flash.

Without the flash you can hardly notice that the colour of the contact lens. Even I view from the mirror also the same >.<

Pro :
The colour not very intense - it won't make you look like alien XD

Cons :
Not easy to wear - the lens is very thin so sometime it will stick to your finger instead your eyeball when want to wear
Easy to tear - as I mentioned above, the lens are very thin therefore it tend to be very easy to tear

Overall :
I would recommend to those that are looking for more natural look but not to those that want to have strong colour in their eyes. This colour is not too obvious so you won't scare the kids off ^^ However it's not recommend for those that just started to use contact lens cause this really need extra careful when handling the lens as it's very thin and easy to tear.

Hope you enjoy this~ I'm going to review the contact lens that I bought earlier soon ^^

Stay tuned~

Disclaimer: The colour contact lens in this review is bought by me using my own money long time ago and this review is only my opinion. This might not applicable to you ^^ So don't come blame me if the result / experience is different >.<

Update: I got the brand name wrong T.T It's actually FreshLook instead of Freshkon. Sorry for my mistake >.<


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