Friday, March 25, 2011

Swimming Again....???

2 days ago I finally managed to pull myself to go to the swimming pool.. Phew.. It's not easy... I was supposed to go at 7 pm but I dragged myself until around 8.30 pm only I go >.<

I'm gladded that I didn't over do it that day as I don't feel much ache since yesterday compared to what I have expected ^^

So it's time to go again today o.O Will I ever make it??

Stay tune ^^

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yay~~ Finally ^^

Yay~~ Finally I did it~~!!!

I'm like going to give up again today T.T But I forced myself to do it... So yes, I finally go for swimming today ^^

I only went for about half hour because I don't want to force my body to do extreme exercise first as this is the first exercise I do after for so long T.T Previously I still got dance in the club so still can consider as I really sweat alot but after I cut down clubbing, I don't think I got do anything that will burn my calories that much >.<

Well.. Need to get my body to use to it first or else I will have another excuse again ^^

How do I feel??

Hmmmm.. The water is so so so cold T.T I really not use to it as I never swim at night before o.O So this is my first experience swim at night ^^

OK, now is about 1 hour after I finished my swim and my body started to ache already T.T Not really ache but feel very tired and I'm hungry now o.O So I really need to bear that feeling... So please support me ^^

Wish me good luck ^^

No action T.T

In my previous post regarding "Motivation", I mentioned that I would like to slim down by going to swim.. If you are wondering which one, click here to read it ^^

Well... I'm sorry to say that the motivation really didn't last long T.T Or should I said the motivation died very soon even before I start it >.< I have dedicated some time for it but I keep give lame excuses for not doing so o.O Wondering what kind of excuses?? Ahem.. Got "It's going to rain", "I'm very full so not good to go swim", "Today is not the day" etc...

T.T I'm not keeping the promise... That I have made for myself >.< Everytime my enthusiasm only last for a very short period T.T Now I'm wondering will I make it today.... o.O

In less than 2 weeks, my birthday will be here and I'm not getting any slimmer T.T Now I disappoint my ownself... I think I just want someone to accompany me. But I really wonder how come I can do it alone last time...?? That time I went to gym alone ^^ Maybe I have been too pamper by him?? Too rely on him?? Arhhhh....!!! I have to be myself back T.T

Does this happened to you too??? To all the women that's in love now??? What should I do then...?? I think I got to force myself to start it today or else I'll never start XD

Wish me luck ^^ I really need it

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dream House - One Legenda

Do you have a dream house?

I bet you got ^^ But how many people actually can afford their dream house? Besides those super rich people T.T

I never thought of what kinds of house that I should have. Well... I could only think of terrace house XD

Recently I saw a gallery of a bungalow which is worth more than RM 4 million >.< I don't think I will ever afford to buy this kind of bungalow. But everyone can dream of it ^^

I like the design of the bungalow. It's 3 storey bungalow and they got 3 types of it. Only 26 of them o.O

One Legenda is a prestigious project by Nova Legend Development Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mah Sing Group.

Their Concept
Not all homes are created equal
Welcome to the distinction of life at One Legenda
26 Freehold Limited Signature Bungalows

Type A
Indicative Land Size : 8,075 sq.ft.
Indicative Built-up : 6,313 sq.ft.
No. rooms : 6+1

Type B
Indicative Land Size : 8,075 sq.ft.
Indicative Built-up : 6,754 sq.ft.
No. rooms : 7+1

Artist Impression of Type C
Indicative Land Size : 6,650 sq.ft.
Indicative Built-up : 5,700 sq.ft.
No. rooms : 6+1

Master Suite Type A

Master Suite Type B
Ooooh... I love this style... >.< Wish I can get this room in my house no matter it's from this bungalow or not ^^

Bedroom 1 Type A

Bedroom 1 Type B

Bedroom 2 Type A

Bedroom 2 Type B

Living & Dining Type A

Living & Dining Type B

Private Lift ^^
Thinking of the maintenance fees >.<

Private Gym Room
I wonder they included the equipment or the owner has to buy it >.<

Private Jacuzzi
Can enjoy own spa at home ^^

Smart Home & Built In Alarm System

Walk in Wardrobe Type A
I'm wondering for Type B but they didn't put the picture in their website T.T.

Sure you are wondering how come don't have Type C picture. Well... This is because they don't have Type C picture in their website >.<

I wonder whether they can mix the design or not..?? Hahaha.. I like Type A design more but I love Type B Master suite design XP Why should I bother since I can't afford to buy T.T Anyone want to buy for me..?? XD I know, I know, I know. In my dreams >.< That's why it's dreams house... Hehehe...

You can see more image at Mah Sing Group or One Legenda website. Both also got more details than here ^^ All the images here are taken from Mah Sing Group

Disclaimer: I'm not doing promotion for them. I didn't see the real bungalow or even the showhouse. It's just that I came across this project and their design really caught my eye ^^ And suddenly it has become my dream house >.< So I just want to share with you all ^^ For registrations or enquiries, please kindly refer back to the developer. I'm not responsible for this XD

Friday, March 18, 2011

Yay~~ Another UD Naked Palette

I can't resist to join any giveaway that are giving out Urban Decay Naked Palette >.<

This giveaway is organized by Curves Ahead Make Up.

Click here to check out how to join this giveaway ^^ If you want to win that Naked Palette back home XD

This giveaway will ends on 14 April~

Lipgloss Love Affair's Giveaway

Kelly is very generous ^^ She is giving away a complete head to toe prize. Really... She even included shampoo in the prize o.O

Want to know more details??

Click here to know more ^^

Thanks to Kelly to have such a nice giveaway XD

Weekend is here

Tomorrow is Saturday.. It's another weekend again.

Feeling lazy again. I really wish I could lay at home the whole 2 days which I know is impossible T.T

Another 2 weeks more will be my birthday ^^ 1 year older already T.T Can I stay 18 forever?? *blinking my eyes very hard* Hahaha.. I know.. It's just another dream... Who will stay 18 forever? Some more when you are 18, you pretended that you are 25.. Hahaha.. It's weird but it's truth. When you are young, you want to be mature but when you are older, you want to be young back..

I planned to get the McD free breakfast either on Saturday or Sunday ^^ Then on Sunday I planned to go to Puchong for a warehouse sales for Pelikan which is their last day. Unfortunately he is working that day so I will be going alone T.T Maybe I could find someone to accompany me ^^

So what's your plan on this weekend??

Thursday, March 17, 2011

50% off BBQ Steamboat Buffet worth RM26.80 @ Shuang BBQ Steamboat Buffet from

Yay~~ Finally a steamboat buffet style from

Have to buy this fast as this coupon got maximum limit to be sold which is 1500. In just less than 1 hour, 100 already sold o.O So don't wait...

At only RM 13.40, you can enjoy buffet style steamboat already...

What You Get When You Purchase This Everyday Coupons?
BBQ Steamboat Buffet worth  RM26.80 @ Shuang BBQ Steamboat Buffet

  • Open Daily.
  • Buffet has food & drinks.
  • Shuang BBQ Steamboat Buffet is running a children's promotion 10% of normal rate RM13.80 (RM12 for a child).
T & C for Coupons
  • Valid for dine in only
  • Not valid on Public Holiday & Public Holiday Eve.
  • Coupon not applicable for children.
  • Mutiple coupons can be used for one bill
  • Prior appointment needed. First come first serve basis, please call Mr.Eric 012-2359225
  • Coupon valid from 24th Mar - 24th June, 2011
  • See Universal Terms that apply to all Everyday Coupons.

Shuang BBQ Steamboat Buffet
22A-1, Jalan PJU5/11,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
47810, Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 012-2359225

Business Hours:
Daily: 6pm -12 midnight
Call in to Book: 12noon - 6pm

Look yummy to me... I'm going to buy this soon after I confirm how much I'm going to buy ^^

So what are you waiting... Grab it before it end ^^

Click here to get the coupons. Thanks to!!!!

FREE McDonald 2 Big Breakfast

Anyone like Mcdonald's breakfast???

Now with just minimum RM 5 purchase, you will get 2 (Yes, it's not 1 but 2 ^^) big breakfast set for free.

Too good to be true?? Hehehe... All you need to do is to print out the voucher below and purchase minimum RM 5 then you can get the 2 big breakfast for free ^^

The T & C is very small and blur so I also can't read T.T However, you can use printed coupon in black & white too... But they only need the coupon at the bottom which you can cut out. Or you can use my copy at the bottom ^^

You can only redeem at McD branches that served breakfast which is from 4 am till 11 am and this is until 31 Mar only... Should you encounter any problems in redeeming the free coupon, kindly call customer service hotline: 603-78433233

PS: This is available only for Malaysia.

Thanks to as I got all the information from there ^^

Going to get mine this weekend :D What about you???

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If I got 10 million

What I will do if I got 10 million??

1. Clear all my debts
2. Give 100,000 for my parent
3. Give 100,000 to his father
4. Give 10,000 for my 2 brothers & sister each
5. Buy new car for my parent - my father's car is already very old (more than 15 years)
6. Buy a car for his father - don't have car now
7. Buy Blackberry Torch & iPhone for me
8. Buy camera for my youngest brother and me each
9. Plan a trip to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Bali - excluding Japan at this moment
10. 2 million to buy a house - including renovations, furnitures etc
11. 1 million to buy houses - to rent out
12. Buy a new car which he wanted
13. 5 million to deposit in the bank
14. Get myself slim down ^^
15. Buy gold
16. 50,000 for my wedding
17. You ask me donation?? Well.. I will donate but not to Japan. Why? Cause the people at my hometown also need it. Flood happened last month at my hometown so I better donate to them 1st.
18. Buy new PC for him
19. 20,000 for him - after few thoughts cause I give money to other but not him so should be nice to him then..
20. Balance are cash flow

There are alot more in my mind what to do with the money so it's actually very hard to list out... The list above is just a list and don't follow the sequence but the no 1 will be definitely the 1st thing that I will do when I got 10 million. Hehehe... I want to be debts free person...

10  million please come to me...

What you will do then?? If you got 10 million..

Not In Mood

Sorry for missing in action lately...

I think I'm having that habit back again >.< I'm not in the mood to do anything. Don't feel want to do anything including work T.T Just want to stay at home and relax but... Yeah.. I still haven't to work even I don't want to...

Ohhhh... How I wish I'm the person that won the jackpot of RM 19 million so that I don't have to work now... And I can also settle my issue, all issues. Haihz... This is just a wish that will not come true T.T Which will only happen in dreams... I know I don't buy jackpot so definitely I won't win but even I buy, I don't think I'm lucky enough to win that jackpot too... I never get lucky >.< Since I'm very small, whatever that I think will not happen.

Hmmm... If I compared to what happened in Japan, I should feel lucky that I'm born in Malaysia and not in Japan. If I compared to what happened to my friend, I should feel lucky that I have better life than her. It's not that she don't have good life but she got more issue than mine and worse. I can settle my issue with money [if I got] but her's very hard to settle with money.

After the earthquake happened in Japan, everywhere also asking for donation for them. Then got question in my head asking "Why you only donate when a disaster happened?", "Why you donate for people that are so far away from you but you are not donating for people that are near to you and also need help eg foster house?" etc... I'm not saying that donation is not good but... There are alot people also need help but why only donate when some big issue happened eg earthquake, tsunami etc. What about those kids or old people that staying in the foster house in your country/town? They also need help, not only when disaster happened nor on special occasions. I'm not asking you to stop the donation but just curious only. It's your money and you can do whatever you want.

I like Japan and it's on top of my list for places to travel. I even watch anime from Japan everyday. One of my favourites manga's author died in the incident. It's just that I have enough problem of my own so I'm not in the mood for donation. So sorry for that. I don't mind to donate if I'm a millionaire but unfortunately, I'm not. T.T

I don't know why but I lost my passion in doing anything now. I really need a getaway to relax and away from everything including my personal life. I just want to be alone. Oh no.. o.O This is happening again... >.< I don't know what is the cause. Could it be because of my job?? Or my bf?? Or my personal problem?? Or what else??

Arhhhhhh.... I need offday for everything...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Arhhhhh~~ Money I need you T.T

Money money.. I need you.... Desparately in need.. T.T

So tension right now..

This happened due to some stupid mistake that I had make years ago... I really wish could turn back the time to recorrect it T.T

I heard that a problem that can be solve by money is not a problem. Then how about a problem that can be solve by money but you don't have the money...??? Is that still a problem..???

Arhhhh... How I wish that the fortune will come to me now... >.<

Hmmm... Should I get sales job...?? No no no.. A big NO NO for me. I been in sales line before so I know that this is not suitable for me... Any higher income job for me...??? >.< So even though I can't solve it immediately but some how at least can do it slowly...

Wish me good luck...

Beauty Crazed's Eyeshadows Giveaway

Hey gals...

Thinking of buying eyeshadows??? Well... Hold on 1st...

Why not join this giveaway to win a huge collection of eyeshadows worth over $150 for yourself ^^

I want to get that Avon palette... Oh.. I want those L'Oréal smokey eye shadow... Ah.. I want all~~~!!!!

What about you then??? Interested too...???

Hehehe... Click here to check out how to join this giveaway~~

Hopefully I could win this so I can play around with it ^^

Thursday, March 10, 2011

9 March 2011

9th March 2011 has marked as a special day in my life & my bf's...

We have make an important decision that will change our life. This is not an easy decision for us but there is no turning back now...

Yesterday is very tiring day but it gave a huge meaning to both of us ^.^

Picture is taken by Vanessa and she did a short post about it here.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Promotion for My Lenz eShop

Yay~~~ I finally make it ^^

A promotion for the Lenz eShop.

Go check it out ^^


I called my friend which she is not happy. Well.. She told me that she is in depressed now o.O Hopefully she can get thru it fast~~

I think I know how it feel when you are in depressed mode. I been thru that few years ago. That time, I just feel don't want to work and wanted to relax & have fun everyday. That time was a mess for me >.< I really enjoyed to relax and have fun everyday but I also got other problem arised from that T.T What else..?? I got huge finance problem >.< Which I'm still working very hard now to go thru with it~~ I wish I can settle it this year or latest by next year. So this mean I need to save money and can't spend money already T.T But I'm having alot of temptation recently.

I feel want to get a new handphone for myself (Maybe a BlackBerry Torch XD) and just recently wanted to get myself a new digital camera >.< I got 1 digital camera which I got it from some lucky draw many years ago. I still have it but it seem like something wrong >.< I think the battery got problem. It's very hard to charge and it keep switch off by itself T.T After that, it's very hard to switch it on back =.="

I have been banned by my bf for shopping anymore o.O What a disaster for me... T.T But I got no choice cause I been spending too much money lately. So I have to push my plan to get a new handphone and camera to end of this year or next year. Yay.. Hope can get it ^_^

So this is a new motivation for me to save money and work harder. Hahaha... After I get new camera then I can put more picture in my blog ^^ Currently most of the picture is either from the Internet or took from my handphone [Sorry for the blurred picture X(]. Or I shall get someone to sponsor me the camera..??? Hehehe.. But I think the sponsorship will go to the handphone more... Hahaha..

I mentioned early this year that one of my resolution is to slim down, right? Well.. So far there is not success on this T.T I have already cut down my intake but I think this is not enough >.< So I asked my mom to bring swimming suit for me so that I can go to my condominium's swimming to swim.. Yay.. One step nearer ^^ But that's not my swimming suit o.O It's my mom's one. I don't know where is mine and my mom couldn't find it. Well... I don't care so much. I really need to exercise. I can't give myself any excuse anymore >.<

4 weeks more to go before my birthday. Will I be slimmer by that time??? Hmmm... I think I need to take some of my time dedicated for swimming. I'm thinking of 2 days once. What do you think?? Too fast?? Think so.. I think my body couldn't take it so fast.. [Result of long time no exercise T.T] I suggested to go jogging once a week with my bf before [Early of this year] but so far no action taken. So this time, I think I better do on my own. Wait for him?? Until next year also haven't done yet... Hahaha.. [Cruel?? Well.. Wait until you know him ^^]

OK.. So I think I will go for 3 days once. Better?? Start slowly right? So I'm thinking go for 1 hour 1st and later see how cause I know after 1st time swimming my body will ache like hell.. >.< What can I do...?? I tried alot of method before but also no use on me so I really have to do this... No one to blame but myself. Who ask me to eat so much...?? XP

Need to think of something that will push me to stick with my plan. I used to buy clothes and then pursued myself to diet so that I can wear it nicely. Now... I got alot of clothes that I like to wear but unable to wear already >.< Even I can wear it, I don't think my bf will let me go out with it. Hahaha.. This cause me to wear T-shirt only when going out with him T.T Or anything that as long as cover whole body o.O

OK... I will motivate myself with my old clothes ^^ Make myself able to wear my old clothes again... Well.. Not all my clothes are old. I still got new clothes that I never wear before cause of the size >.< Hehehe... I need to make sure I can wear it by next month...???!!! I think that's a bit too fast. So I make it by 3 months later??? Hehehe.. Good? OK...

Ahhhh... Just thought of an idea. I think I'll put a post everytime after I finished my swim so that I could track it ^^ Good idea?? Me too.. Hehehe.. So I won't be lazy. Hahaha..

So stay tuned~~

By the way, I won't be starting the swim until Thursday as I will get the swimming suit tomorrow evening and I'll be busy & tired on Wednesday (I got whole plan for that day) so only can start the fastest by Thursday ^^ (I know excuses but what can I do?? I need to prepare myself 1st ^^)

Unfortunately, I only know this style =.=" Hey.. That's not me... XD

FREE: Estebel Shampoo or Shower Gel

ESTEBEL SPA is giving out FREE Shampoo (30ml) 
Showel Gel (30ml) only @ LADY BEAUTIFUL 2011
Visit them at booth number 2A04, Mawar Room, Level 2 
@ PWTC from 11 - 13 March 2011
  • Lady Beautiful 2011 an exhibition all about Beauty & Health
  • Venue : Mawar Room, Level 2, PWTC, KL 
  • Date : 11 - 13 March 2011 
Thanks to Freebies Land for the information~~!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Review: Hair Cut at D'Element Salon

Last month I bought 2 coupon for hair cut, wash and blow. Click here to see the deal that I mean.

Well... Normally, I don't cut my hair in KL because
1st, it's very expensive
2nd, I don't know any good salon.
3rd, my hair volumn. My hair is alot, really alot. So it's not easy job to handle my hair. >.<

I tried 2 salon before. 1 salon is recommended by my friend and it's an Indian salon. Indian do have big volumn of hair so mine is like can compare with them already T.T The Indian lady boss cut my hair. 1st time I tried, I really like it. My hair look really nice but I'm disappointed for the 2nd time. Maybe too high expectation already >.< Another salon is recommended by my bf. He used to go to that salon to cut his hair. I went there to cut and rebonding. The service not bad but the result... My hair is very straight after rebonding but not for long.

So based on my past experience, I very seldom go salon. Hehehe.. I can't even remember when was the last time I cut my hair >.<

So my friend told me this salon is not bad and furthermore, it's worth it. Hey.. It's only RM 13.90 for hair cut, wash and blow but there is one thing I don't like is the salon is very far from my place which is at Strand, Kota Damansara. Anyhow, I decided to give it a try ^^

Hair Cut + Wash + Blow + 40% discount Perm / Rebonding @ D Element Salon

As I mentioned earlier, I bought 2 coupons so 1 is for me and another 1 is for my bf. We supposed to go together but due to he is working so I have to go alone >.< Well.. Another excuse given by him is he don't need a cut now o.O

I make an appointment for today at 12pm but I was late due to heavy jam >.< I don't even know why it's so jam T.T The coupon only can be use on Sunday 10 am - 12 pm so I was like... You know.. Like worry if I arrive after 12 pm they won't do my hair T.T but luckily they are very nice ^_^ I reached there around 12.30 pm and they still do my hair XD

This salon is just opened about 8 months. Wow.. Quite new. They got 4 stands which can sit 8 persons. When I reach there, only got 1 guy is getting his hair cut.

1st, they sat me down. Then Mandy, the creative director who cut my hair ^^ a very nice lady, discussed with me how I want my hair cut. After this, there is a guy wash my hair ( I didn't get his name but he is from Miri, Sarawak. o.O Sure you wondering how come I know.. Hey.. I just go there for my hair cut, OK.. XD) Quite enjoyed the hair wash ^^ Not because of the guy but the massage. It's nice...

After done with my hair wash, Mandy start to cut my hair. Normally, people will dry my hair abit then only start to cut my hair but she didn't do this >.< I'm not sure is it suppose to be like this. Hahaha... While she cut my hair, we have some conversation. It's normal when you got customer come in and sure you want to ask them to do other services too.. She did asked me whether I want rebonding or not but I'm not planning to do that so I just say I don't want. It's good thing that they don't push sales and I really like it. Then we also talked about perm hair. Ahem.. I did think before that I want to perm my hair but I scared of the result >.< My hair already got huge volumn and imagine that with perm o.O Can't imagine...

Then suddenly I asked whether they have temporary curl or not. (How stupid I'm XP) Definitely they will have and they only charge RM 10. So I was like thinking give it a try.

So tadaaaaa.... The result. After 2 hours in the salon ^^

Because it's just for temporary so I know that it's very fast that my hair will uncurl back. She is giving a wild guess that this will last for half day (after I asked her ^^) so I asked her to make a small curl. This is because it will become looser later. If I did a big curl, I think very fast it'll uncurl back >.<

So this is 1 hour later. Hehe..

2 hour later. Hahaha.. Can see the curl very loose already by this time.

Overall, the service is nice and I'm comfortable with it. It's recommended for other people to go ^^ Definitely I will go there again if the salon is near to my place >.< Too bad that it's very very far from my place T.T

Hmmm.. I think I should perm my hair because I already received few compliments for my hair ^_^ Especially from my niece. She saw my picture then she called me. I asked her whether pretty or not. Guess what... She said a little bit pretty but very cute >.< Hahaha...

PS: I personally bought the coupons with my own money. All this is my own experience and opinions so it might not the same with you. Don't come look for me if you experience it differently. ^^

Madiha's 900th Followers Giveaway~~

Wow... Another giveaway from Madiha.

This time there will be 2 winners too ^^

The 1st winner will get Sigma premium travel kit with color of her choice.

2nd winner will get 4 MAC pigments of her choice too... However, Madiha is giving away sample size instead of full size product. Well... You are getting 4 so it's better than none ^^

For more details??? Then check it out here.

This giveaway will end on 1st of May~

Thanks to Madiha...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

50% off Air Conditioner Cleaning Services (2 Unit) @ Winterday Air-cond & Electrical from

A new deal from that is very useful for us. Something different from what they used to have.

It's not for food, not for beauty but for household~~!!! You started to wonder about it already ^^ Stop wondering~~!!! And start read below for more...

For RM 120, you not only can service 1 unit of air conditioner but 2 units of your air conditioner.

What You Get With This Everyday Coupons? 
Air-Conditioner Cleaning Service for 2 unit Air-Cond (1.0HP or 1.5HP) - Non Inverter units.

  • Air-Conditioner Servicing (Full Service Inclusive Air-Cond gas top-up)
  • Covers most area in Klang Valley, please call 03-79876766 for the service area before purchasing
T & C for Coupons
  • Please call 03-79876766 to book your time
  • They will come to your house to service your air-con
  • Covers Klang Valley area only, please call 03-79876766 for the service area
  • For 1.0HP & 1.5HP Normal Air-Cond (non Invertor) Only
  • 2 unit must be service in 1 location on the same day
  • Coupon valid from 11 April - 11 July 2011
  • See Universal Terms that apply to all Everyday Coupons.
Air-Conditioner Servicing Details
  1. Dismantling of indoor cooler units for solution cleaning
  2. Our non-corrosive solution wash cleaning process of indoor cooling coils
  3. Cleaning of outdoor condenser coils
  4. Cleaning of indoor cooler drain pans
  5. Clearing of water condensation drainage systems
  6. Cleaning of blower wheels and blades
  7. Checking of all electrical components
  8. Checking of all settings
  9. Re-installation of indoor cooler units
  10. Checking of refrigerant systems
  11. Free air-cond gas top-up

 Winterday Air-Cond & Electrical
No 17, Batu 4½ Jalan Klang Lama,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-7987 6766

Business Hours:
Mon - Sat : 10am - 7pm
(Closed on Sunday)

This offer end on 8 Mar 12pm. So get this deal before this deal end~~

Click here to get the coupons. Thanks to!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

90% Off 5 in 1 Facial Treatment (2 hours) & Full Body Relaxing Treatment (2 hours) @ Enchanting Beauty House from

Another excited deal from!!!

This time it's a 5 in 1 facial treatment + full body relaxing treatment which worth RM 550~~!!!

What You Get When You Purchase This Everyday Coupons?
  • 5 in 1 Facial Treatment (worth RM285)
  • Full Body Relaxing Treatment (worth RM265)
  • Innovative expert in skincare technology
  • High quality products
  • High quality treatments
  • Instant RF Face Lift
  • 2 hours each treatment!
T & C for the coupon
  • Prior appointment is required
  • For first trial Only
  • Ladies only
  • Treatments must be done separately e.g 5 in 1 Facial one appointment and Full Body Relaxing Treatment another appointment
  • Coupon valid from 11 Mar - 11 Jun 2011
  • See Universal Terms that apply to all Everyday Coupons
Enchanting Beauty House

Enchanting Beauty House

Enchanting Beauty House

Enchanting Beauty HouseNo.9-2, Jalan PJU 5/4, PJU 5,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
03-6140 9474

Business Hours:
Mon : 12:00pm - 7:00pm
Tues - Fri: 10am - 8pm
Sat & Sun: 10am - 6pm

Enchanting Beauty House

This deal ends on 7 Mar 2011 12pm.

Click here to buy the coupons~~ Thanks to

Madiha's NYX & Sleek makeup Giveaway

It's been very long time I didn't update my blog. Sorry for that. Been busy lately (Well... Lazy too... XP)

There is another giveaway host by Madiha. This time, there will be 2 winners with different prize. So go check it out ^^

First winner will get :
* One NYX 10 color eyeshadow Palette
* Three NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils
* Two NYX Round Lipsticks
* Two NYX Mega shine Lip glosses
* Two NYX jumbo Lip Pencil
* One pair of NYX fabulous eyelashes
* One NYX Girls Nail Polish

Second Winner will get:
* One Sleek eyeshadow palette.
So what are you waiting for...???
Click here to check it out.
Thanks to Madiha for this giveaway... ^_^
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