Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not In Mood

Sorry for missing in action lately...

I think I'm having that habit back again >.< I'm not in the mood to do anything. Don't feel want to do anything including work T.T Just want to stay at home and relax but... Yeah.. I still haven't to work even I don't want to...

Ohhhh... How I wish I'm the person that won the jackpot of RM 19 million so that I don't have to work now... And I can also settle my issue, all issues. Haihz... This is just a wish that will not come true T.T Which will only happen in dreams... I know I don't buy jackpot so definitely I won't win but even I buy, I don't think I'm lucky enough to win that jackpot too... I never get lucky >.< Since I'm very small, whatever that I think will not happen.

Hmmm... If I compared to what happened in Japan, I should feel lucky that I'm born in Malaysia and not in Japan. If I compared to what happened to my friend, I should feel lucky that I have better life than her. It's not that she don't have good life but she got more issue than mine and worse. I can settle my issue with money [if I got] but her's very hard to settle with money.

After the earthquake happened in Japan, everywhere also asking for donation for them. Then got question in my head asking "Why you only donate when a disaster happened?", "Why you donate for people that are so far away from you but you are not donating for people that are near to you and also need help eg foster house?" etc... I'm not saying that donation is not good but... There are alot people also need help but why only donate when some big issue happened eg earthquake, tsunami etc. What about those kids or old people that staying in the foster house in your country/town? They also need help, not only when disaster happened nor on special occasions. I'm not asking you to stop the donation but just curious only. It's your money and you can do whatever you want.

I like Japan and it's on top of my list for places to travel. I even watch anime from Japan everyday. One of my favourites manga's author died in the incident. It's just that I have enough problem of my own so I'm not in the mood for donation. So sorry for that. I don't mind to donate if I'm a millionaire but unfortunately, I'm not. T.T

I don't know why but I lost my passion in doing anything now. I really need a getaway to relax and away from everything including my personal life. I just want to be alone. Oh no.. o.O This is happening again... >.< I don't know what is the cause. Could it be because of my job?? Or my bf?? Or my personal problem?? Or what else??

Arhhhhhh.... I need offday for everything...


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