Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If I got 10 million

What I will do if I got 10 million??

1. Clear all my debts
2. Give 100,000 for my parent
3. Give 100,000 to his father
4. Give 10,000 for my 2 brothers & sister each
5. Buy new car for my parent - my father's car is already very old (more than 15 years)
6. Buy a car for his father - don't have car now
7. Buy Blackberry Torch & iPhone for me
8. Buy camera for my youngest brother and me each
9. Plan a trip to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Bali - excluding Japan at this moment
10. 2 million to buy a house - including renovations, furnitures etc
11. 1 million to buy houses - to rent out
12. Buy a new car which he wanted
13. 5 million to deposit in the bank
14. Get myself slim down ^^
15. Buy gold
16. 50,000 for my wedding
17. You ask me donation?? Well.. I will donate but not to Japan. Why? Cause the people at my hometown also need it. Flood happened last month at my hometown so I better donate to them 1st.
18. Buy new PC for him
19. 20,000 for him - after few thoughts cause I give money to other but not him so should be nice to him then..
20. Balance are cash flow

There are alot more in my mind what to do with the money so it's actually very hard to list out... The list above is just a list and don't follow the sequence but the no 1 will be definitely the 1st thing that I will do when I got 10 million. Hehehe... I want to be debts free person...

10  million please come to me...

What you will do then?? If you got 10 million..


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