Monday, March 7, 2011


I called my friend which she is not happy. Well.. She told me that she is in depressed now o.O Hopefully she can get thru it fast~~

I think I know how it feel when you are in depressed mode. I been thru that few years ago. That time, I just feel don't want to work and wanted to relax & have fun everyday. That time was a mess for me >.< I really enjoyed to relax and have fun everyday but I also got other problem arised from that T.T What else..?? I got huge finance problem >.< Which I'm still working very hard now to go thru with it~~ I wish I can settle it this year or latest by next year. So this mean I need to save money and can't spend money already T.T But I'm having alot of temptation recently.

I feel want to get a new handphone for myself (Maybe a BlackBerry Torch XD) and just recently wanted to get myself a new digital camera >.< I got 1 digital camera which I got it from some lucky draw many years ago. I still have it but it seem like something wrong >.< I think the battery got problem. It's very hard to charge and it keep switch off by itself T.T After that, it's very hard to switch it on back =.="

I have been banned by my bf for shopping anymore o.O What a disaster for me... T.T But I got no choice cause I been spending too much money lately. So I have to push my plan to get a new handphone and camera to end of this year or next year. Yay.. Hope can get it ^_^

So this is a new motivation for me to save money and work harder. Hahaha... After I get new camera then I can put more picture in my blog ^^ Currently most of the picture is either from the Internet or took from my handphone [Sorry for the blurred picture X(]. Or I shall get someone to sponsor me the camera..??? Hehehe.. But I think the sponsorship will go to the handphone more... Hahaha..

I mentioned early this year that one of my resolution is to slim down, right? Well.. So far there is not success on this T.T I have already cut down my intake but I think this is not enough >.< So I asked my mom to bring swimming suit for me so that I can go to my condominium's swimming to swim.. Yay.. One step nearer ^^ But that's not my swimming suit o.O It's my mom's one. I don't know where is mine and my mom couldn't find it. Well... I don't care so much. I really need to exercise. I can't give myself any excuse anymore >.<

4 weeks more to go before my birthday. Will I be slimmer by that time??? Hmmm... I think I need to take some of my time dedicated for swimming. I'm thinking of 2 days once. What do you think?? Too fast?? Think so.. I think my body couldn't take it so fast.. [Result of long time no exercise T.T] I suggested to go jogging once a week with my bf before [Early of this year] but so far no action taken. So this time, I think I better do on my own. Wait for him?? Until next year also haven't done yet... Hahaha.. [Cruel?? Well.. Wait until you know him ^^]

OK.. So I think I will go for 3 days once. Better?? Start slowly right? So I'm thinking go for 1 hour 1st and later see how cause I know after 1st time swimming my body will ache like hell.. >.< What can I do...?? I tried alot of method before but also no use on me so I really have to do this... No one to blame but myself. Who ask me to eat so much...?? XP

Need to think of something that will push me to stick with my plan. I used to buy clothes and then pursued myself to diet so that I can wear it nicely. Now... I got alot of clothes that I like to wear but unable to wear already >.< Even I can wear it, I don't think my bf will let me go out with it. Hahaha.. This cause me to wear T-shirt only when going out with him T.T Or anything that as long as cover whole body o.O

OK... I will motivate myself with my old clothes ^^ Make myself able to wear my old clothes again... Well.. Not all my clothes are old. I still got new clothes that I never wear before cause of the size >.< Hehehe... I need to make sure I can wear it by next month...???!!! I think that's a bit too fast. So I make it by 3 months later??? Hehehe.. Good? OK...

Ahhhh... Just thought of an idea. I think I'll put a post everytime after I finished my swim so that I could track it ^^ Good idea?? Me too.. Hehehe.. So I won't be lazy. Hahaha..

So stay tuned~~

By the way, I won't be starting the swim until Thursday as I will get the swimming suit tomorrow evening and I'll be busy & tired on Wednesday (I got whole plan for that day) so only can start the fastest by Thursday ^^ (I know excuses but what can I do?? I need to prepare myself 1st ^^)

Unfortunately, I only know this style =.=" Hey.. That's not me... XD


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