Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review - FreshLook Amethyst

In my previous post (here), I mentioned that I still have 1 colour contact len that I bought long time ago which is FreshLook Amethyst. So I finally use it after so long didn't wear colour contact len >.< I'm so excited and a bit scare cause scare people will stare at my eyes XD Luckily no~~

After so long, I finally wear colour contact len. At first, I thought the colour will be very intense... However it doesn't appear as what I have thought of.

Sorry that I didn't took a picture of the contact in box :P Below is picture of me wearing the contact len ^^

The picture is took under sunlight in the car using handphone >.< Currently I don't have camera yet. So please bear with the picture ^^ But in the picture you can see that the colour is not so obvious.

The above picture is taken with flash and the bottom is without flash.

Without the flash you can hardly notice that the colour of the contact lens. Even I view from the mirror also the same >.<

Pro :
The colour not very intense - it won't make you look like alien XD

Cons :
Not easy to wear - the lens is very thin so sometime it will stick to your finger instead your eyeball when want to wear
Easy to tear - as I mentioned above, the lens are very thin therefore it tend to be very easy to tear

Overall :
I would recommend to those that are looking for more natural look but not to those that want to have strong colour in their eyes. This colour is not too obvious so you won't scare the kids off ^^ However it's not recommend for those that just started to use contact lens cause this really need extra careful when handling the lens as it's very thin and easy to tear.

Hope you enjoy this~ I'm going to review the contact lens that I bought earlier soon ^^

Stay tuned~

Disclaimer: The colour contact lens in this review is bought by me using my own money long time ago and this review is only my opinion. This might not applicable to you ^^ So don't come blame me if the result / experience is different >.<

Update: I got the brand name wrong T.T It's actually FreshLook instead of Freshkon. Sorry for my mistake >.<

Monday, February 21, 2011

50% off Manicure + Pedicure @ HRH Nail Studio from

Another offer from on manicure & pedicure. If you missed out the previous offer, don't worry. Check this one out ^^

Girls... Sure you like to get your nails and toes done nicely but will cost you a bit. So why not get this coupon so when you buy the manicure and you get the pedicure for totally free ^^ If you want to get more than that, then you need to top up. How much?? You have to contact the person in charge at the contact detail that provided at the bottom of this post~~

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T & C for the coupon

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Above 3 images source from Mainestage

 HRH Nail Studio SS2
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03-7877 0815

Business Hours:
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HRH Nail Studio Seksyen 14
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HRH Nail Studio Happy Garden
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So hurry up before the offer ends on 23 Feb 2011 10 am~~~!!!!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Update on 3rd day of on Chinese Traditional Medicine

Just an update.

Today is much better than previous 2 days. I think maybe it's because my body already used to it. I still need to keep in mind of what I can't eat T.T I think I have to ban it for some times.

I felt very tired recently. I'm not sure what is the cause. It could be the medicine or my current issue in my life >.<

Hope everything will be fine *Keep my finger crossed

I think I won't be updating on this everyday now. I will update on weekly basis then.

Stay tuned~~

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quick Update on 2nd day of Chinese Traditional Medicine

  Just a quick update~~

Earlier in my 1st day on Chinese Traditional Medicine post, I mentioned that I felt my head very heavy and nausea after took the pills. I also felt it this morning so I'm 100% sure this is cause by the pills T.T It's not only that, I also felt like very hard to breath o.O

Well... Since that "doctor" mentioned that this is normal symptom so I just have to bear with it at this moment. Hopefully this will go away fast T.T

Stay tune~~

Friday, February 18, 2011

50% off RM 300 Cash Voucher for Food & Drinks @ CauseWay Bay Spicy Crab by

I saw a good deal from that I just couldn't resist to share with you all ^^

Many years back, my family only eat crabs on special occasions eg birthday celebrations and my parent anniversary celebration. It's not cheap for us as we [me & my siblings] have to pay with our pocket money o.O as all of us haven't start our own job yet that time.

But now... We don't do that anymore as we will eat crab when there is good deal [& other people recommend it]. So there you go for the deal on crab ^^ [Ahem... It's not just for the crab actually]

I believe that most of you have heard over Causeway Bay, a famous place in Hong Kong and a famous chain restaurant. They got a lot of branches in all over Malaysia [which I don't know exactly the amount] but not the Causeway Bay Spicy Crab >.<

Finally Causeway Bay Spicy Crab has made their way to Malaysia [Yay~~~!! Well... I heard good comment on about their foods especially the crab ^^] They have their 1st over branch in Desa Sri Hartamas [Abit upset as it's not near to my place T.T] is having this deal for Causeway Bay Spicy Crab which is 50% off RM 300 cash voucher for food & drinks. Mean you buy the cash voucher at RM 150 and you can enjoy RM 300 worth of foods and drinks~~~!!!

CauseWay Bay Spicy Crab

Excited??? Me too ^^

What you can get when you purchase the Everyday coupon:
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T & C for the coupon:

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Click the image below for the menu ^^

Causeway Bay Spicy Crab (Malaysia)
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Business Hours:
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1st day on Chinese Traditional Medicine

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to Melaka to meet a Chinese Traditional "Doctor" and he gave me some presciption for my "illness". Click here to check on the post. So today is my 1st day on the prescription [I know I should have started earlier but.... Got too many excuses for me >.<].

I was given 2 type of medicine which 1 is pills and another 1 is powder. I have to take 6 pills in the morning and 1 spoon [provided by him] of the powder at nite, continuously for 5 days. After which I could take it once every 2/3 days. The prescriptions could last for about 2 months. Since I have just started this morning, so I haven't try on the powder yet.

After I taken the pills this morning, I felt my head very heavy >.< and nausea o.O But the "doctor" informed me that within the 1st 5 days, do not call him in case got any pain or whatever as this is normal symptom. Ahem... I'm not sure whether this is the symptom of the medicine or it's just because I didn't get enough sleep yesterday night >.< Well... Anyway, I also have to continue to take it for 5 days 1st. I will update again after 5 days ^^

By the way, I would like to inform that I have just received the parcel of my contact lenses ^^ Yay~~~ Finally it reached. Actually I supposed to received it on Wednesday but due to some unforseen circumstances, the delivery is been delayed >.< However, I'm still excited that it finally arrived (safely, I guess). Hahaha.. I haven't open the parcel yet so... I supposed nothing wrong happen to it [again] ^^

Stay tune for my update on the medicine result and review of the contact lenses ^^

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

♥ Lenz eShop ♥ - Colour Contact Lens Online Shop Opening ^^

Finally I decided to do a small business. I never thought that I would ever got into business as I don't know what I want to sell. Now I got an opporturnity to do a small business which is sell colour contact lens ^^

I never thought that I would be doing this. This is a small business as I said earlier. I'm selling colour contact lens online thru blog. The blog is called Lenz eShop ^^ Please check it out ^^

It's not fully setup yet but you still can check it out. More are coming on the way

Thank you for your support ♥

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day~~~!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone~~~!!!

Hehehehe... Just want to wish everyone ^^ Enjoy your day...

Even you are single, you still can enjoy the day by pampering yourself ^3^

cute bear

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Make Up My Mind

If you read my previous post then you would know that actually I'm thinking of getting colour contact lens for myself.

At 1st, I couldn't make up my mind which brand and colour to choose. I even post as my status. Hahaha.. I know it's crazy but I just couldn't make up my mind that time. My friend even ask me to becareful because they selling the lens so cheap. >.<

Finally I have decided which brand and colour but then don't know which seller I should buy with. After I did the previous post[which at that time I already decided to buy from who], I googled again and found a forum which is Cari. This forum is in Chinese word. Go check it out[you must be able to read Chinese word ^^]. There is alot of things in this forum but currently I'm only interested in colour lens so I didn't bother to check other things^^

In that forum, I found few other seller that are selling at lower price than previous blog that I found. Since I do not want to register[in order to post comment, you must register 1st] aka lazy to register, I emailed the seller instead. Yes, the price is cheaper but very hard to know whether is the price is the latest price or not o.O

In the end, I emailed few sellers to ask whether they got the stock for the lens that I want and the price. 3 of them replied my email and lucky... 2 of them got the stocks. ^^ Both of them have the same price and including postage [nice which earlier I didn't found this] but they using different postage o.O so I go for the better one ^^ which is from Prettylock. Click on the link to check out her post. She included her email there ^^ I think she is having promotion right now. The lens I bought is RM 3x for 1 pair and this is including postage ^^ Well... I bought 3 lenses so not sure will the price change if buy lesser >.< Different brand got different price. The lowest price is RM 2x for 1 pair but the patents doesn't suit my taste therefore I didn't go for that ^^

I already make my payment and she will post it tomorrow for me. Yay.. I'm so excited now and can't wait to get the lens on my hand ^^ There is some slight different choice of colour from my previous post but I wouldn't disclose here now ^^

Stay tune to know which I have bought from her ^^

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Colour Contact Lens~~

Yesterday after I read a post from Bunny of a Life of a Bunny on Puffy 3 Tone Aqua Review, suddenly I got the urge to get one for myself >.< However, the blue colour is too strong for me but I'm looking forward for the grey one. She bought aqua and grey but she haven't done the review for the grey yet that time. [She already posted the review for the grey one. Click here to check it out.]

This also remind me which I got mine colour lens 2 years ago [Actually, only 1 year plus :P]. That time I got 2 pair which I bought when there is sales. I forgot what is the sales about already but that time I also got my other contact lens (without colour) too... 1 is grey and another 1 is amethyst. I already wore the grey one and I like it but unfortunately, one of it is broken so I couldn't wear it anymore *Sob sob sob* I haven't wear the amethyst one so I'm not sure how it look like. I planned to wear it tomorrow ^.^

Before she posted for the grey review, I already googled to check anyone is selling this. I found Miss - Lens which is selling at RM 45 a pair. Then I also saw got other brand too... I'm interested with Puffy 3 Tone Grey, Celeb Nudy Green and Natural 3 Tone Grey. Already planning to buy then received an email from Bunny to ask me to check on another blog which is Eyes Lens. Luckily I haven't bought it cause Eyes Lens got cheaper price which is RM 35 a pair ^^

This time I took more effort to check around for cheaper price. I noticed that RM 35 a pair is the cheapest already. I also found another blog that is selling lens from a forum. It's Your Lil' Secret. Currently it's having Valentine promotion. Click here to check on the promotion ^^ It's from 11th - 18th Feb only. This is for pre-order. I'm going to order from this promotion ^^

While I'm writing this post, I found another 2 blogs which is Lili's Lens House and PopPink Vision. If you are interested, check on their price and do some comparison 1st. Some of their price is cheaper after compare but I'm not sure whether they still got stock or not >.<

After seeing so many brands and colours, the 3 brands I mentioned earlier are the 1 that I'm interested the most. This is only for me as different people got different taste ^^ But I'm still thinking which colour should I get o.O As for Puffy 3 tone, I already sure I will get grey for that brand as other colours doesn't suit my taste :P For Celeb Nudy and Natural, I'm thinking of green, blue and violet >.< I really not sure which to get 1st. I also like their grey but because I'm getting grey from Puffy 3 tone so I don't think I want to get another 1 more. Well... I'm thinking of getting blue 1st cause my brother's wife is interested with the green 1.

Hahaha... Yesterday night, I called her just to talk about this o.O Cause I don't know who I want to talk to. She is currently wearing a blue contact lens. After I showed [actually gave her the website] the pictures, she is thinking of getting 1 too because the price is very cheap compared to her current one [which is RM 90 for 3 months o.O]. Her eyes are very dry so I told her that I'll try 1st then only ask her to buy ^^ If the lens are good quality.
Natural 3 Tones Grey
Puffy 3 Tones Grey

Celeb Nudy Green
So share with me, do you have any colour contact lens or which one you like more ^^

PS: I'll do a review on the contact lens that I buy cause a lot people scare to buy contact lens online as got people have bad experience that the lens quality are not good. Well.. The review is definitely my honest opinions. I will definitely not say the thing is good or recommend it if it's bad ^^

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Long Time No Update

1st.. I would like to apologize for no update from me for the past 2 weeks >.<

Chinese New Year just past [not exactly as CNY is supposed for 15 days] and I haven't wish you all... So Happy Bel@ted Chinese New Year ^^

Well... It's not so happy for me [or people in Johor, Malaysia]. My hometown was flooded >.< but was lucky enough that the water subsided before CNY. However, most people already lost the mood T.T My house is away from the flooded area but the shop... [My family is selling Bak Kut Teh and don't ask me to cook as I don't know how to cook =.=] My family washed 3 times - yes... 3 times to make it clean. Well... Still not yet 100% clean but 98%. So we still managed to open shop on 1st day CNY ^^

That few days are disaster for me T.T I helped out my mom at the shop for 4 days. Well... We have to walk and stand for the whole day. Most of the shops still closed due to the flood so that few days we got a lot of customers. On the 1st day itself, both my leg already started to pain but still bearable. On the 2nd day, the pain got worse and my left leg is swollen T.T Until I need to get injection from doctor to ease the pain >.< As for the 3rd and 4th day, I got the pain killer but still painful T.T Luckily we are out of stock on the 4th day already so my mom decide to take off on the 5th & 6th day ^^

We went to Melaka. Main reason we went there is to take me to see a Chinese Traditional "Doctor". As usual, I thought that he would put some Chinese Tradition Medicine on the legs and massage but... End up he is doing different ways. He can tell me the sickness I'm having by looking at my face o.O and feeling the pulse at my wrist. He also did the same to my bf >.< Both of us going to try out his medicine and see what he claim to be true or not ^^ As I'm having my monthly "time", so I have to wait until that time pass before I can start the medicine. [Will keep you update on the result ^^]

We stayed 1 night in Melaka. My bf and I went back to Seremban on the next day. I just got back from Seremban yesterday night ^^

Overall... Not so good cause very tired and my legs still pain [Well... Not that pain anymore but still got pain >.<] And I'm lazy to back to work today :P

That's all from me now. Got a lot of things in my mind that I would like to share with you all but couldn't think of it now so will post it up later ^^

Stay tuned~~
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