Sunday, March 6, 2011

Review: Hair Cut at D'Element Salon

Last month I bought 2 coupon for hair cut, wash and blow. Click here to see the deal that I mean.

Well... Normally, I don't cut my hair in KL because
1st, it's very expensive
2nd, I don't know any good salon.
3rd, my hair volumn. My hair is alot, really alot. So it's not easy job to handle my hair. >.<

I tried 2 salon before. 1 salon is recommended by my friend and it's an Indian salon. Indian do have big volumn of hair so mine is like can compare with them already T.T The Indian lady boss cut my hair. 1st time I tried, I really like it. My hair look really nice but I'm disappointed for the 2nd time. Maybe too high expectation already >.< Another salon is recommended by my bf. He used to go to that salon to cut his hair. I went there to cut and rebonding. The service not bad but the result... My hair is very straight after rebonding but not for long.

So based on my past experience, I very seldom go salon. Hehehe.. I can't even remember when was the last time I cut my hair >.<

So my friend told me this salon is not bad and furthermore, it's worth it. Hey.. It's only RM 13.90 for hair cut, wash and blow but there is one thing I don't like is the salon is very far from my place which is at Strand, Kota Damansara. Anyhow, I decided to give it a try ^^

Hair Cut + Wash + Blow + 40% discount Perm / Rebonding @ D Element Salon

As I mentioned earlier, I bought 2 coupons so 1 is for me and another 1 is for my bf. We supposed to go together but due to he is working so I have to go alone >.< Well.. Another excuse given by him is he don't need a cut now o.O

I make an appointment for today at 12pm but I was late due to heavy jam >.< I don't even know why it's so jam T.T The coupon only can be use on Sunday 10 am - 12 pm so I was like... You know.. Like worry if I arrive after 12 pm they won't do my hair T.T but luckily they are very nice ^_^ I reached there around 12.30 pm and they still do my hair XD

This salon is just opened about 8 months. Wow.. Quite new. They got 4 stands which can sit 8 persons. When I reach there, only got 1 guy is getting his hair cut.

1st, they sat me down. Then Mandy, the creative director who cut my hair ^^ a very nice lady, discussed with me how I want my hair cut. After this, there is a guy wash my hair ( I didn't get his name but he is from Miri, Sarawak. o.O Sure you wondering how come I know.. Hey.. I just go there for my hair cut, OK.. XD) Quite enjoyed the hair wash ^^ Not because of the guy but the massage. It's nice...

After done with my hair wash, Mandy start to cut my hair. Normally, people will dry my hair abit then only start to cut my hair but she didn't do this >.< I'm not sure is it suppose to be like this. Hahaha... While she cut my hair, we have some conversation. It's normal when you got customer come in and sure you want to ask them to do other services too.. She did asked me whether I want rebonding or not but I'm not planning to do that so I just say I don't want. It's good thing that they don't push sales and I really like it. Then we also talked about perm hair. Ahem.. I did think before that I want to perm my hair but I scared of the result >.< My hair already got huge volumn and imagine that with perm o.O Can't imagine...

Then suddenly I asked whether they have temporary curl or not. (How stupid I'm XP) Definitely they will have and they only charge RM 10. So I was like thinking give it a try.

So tadaaaaa.... The result. After 2 hours in the salon ^^

Because it's just for temporary so I know that it's very fast that my hair will uncurl back. She is giving a wild guess that this will last for half day (after I asked her ^^) so I asked her to make a small curl. This is because it will become looser later. If I did a big curl, I think very fast it'll uncurl back >.<

So this is 1 hour later. Hehe..

2 hour later. Hahaha.. Can see the curl very loose already by this time.

Overall, the service is nice and I'm comfortable with it. It's recommended for other people to go ^^ Definitely I will go there again if the salon is near to my place >.< Too bad that it's very very far from my place T.T

Hmmm.. I think I should perm my hair because I already received few compliments for my hair ^_^ Especially from my niece. She saw my picture then she called me. I asked her whether pretty or not. Guess what... She said a little bit pretty but very cute >.< Hahaha...

PS: I personally bought the coupons with my own money. All this is my own experience and opinions so it might not the same with you. Don't come look for me if you experience it differently. ^^


Alice Yap said...

Look nice..I will go try next week..^^
wanna do rebonding too..
hope can get the good result ^^

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