Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shuang BBQ Steamboat Buffet Officially CLOSED???

Yesterday on FB, suddenly I saw a post from Shuang BBQ Steamboat Buffet that they are officially closed effective yesterday >.<
I got ask why but no reply from them till today...
Been there for few times, kinda like it. I bought about 13 coupons from Deal. I post about it here.
I still got 2 coupons left.
Thought of going to use it soon T.T
Need to email to for refund.
Not sure they going or not.
Will email them later.
You can check on their FB page.

PS: Will update again after I have contact for the refund

Update: informed that they are in the midst of refund.
They will refund the money as in store credits.
You can use the store credits to purchase the deals that you want.
Approximately, the refund will be done by this week ^^
So don't need to worry. ;)
They informed that they actually blasted out email to all the customers [which still got coupons that haven't redeem] about this, but funny thing is that my friend didn't receive that email. o.O
Luckily, Shuang informed in FB page.
Oh... For those that didn't realised about this, not to worry.
As got the list on unredeem coupons from Shuang.
They will refund based on the list.
If you still worry about it, please kindly email to

The refund is done already. I got mine. What about you?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary~~!!

Happy 2nd Anniversary~~!!!
So fast it's already 2 years...
I never thought that we could be together for so long.. ^^
I know I'm not a good girlfriend >.<
Thanks for bear with me..
After what I have done XD
Hey.. Don't misunderstand~~
I didn't do anything wrong
It's just that I very hard to control my temper :P
Thanks for what you have done..
Hopefully everything will be alright ;)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Breakaway Needed~

I need a breakaway...
Want to go somewhere travel but don't know where yet..

Hmmm... I need to focus on my business 1st..
Once my business already on track..
I can go anywhere anytime I want ;)
I been hearing about The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat from Tammy.
It's so tempting.. >.<
BUT I couldn't afford to go there now. T.T
It's totally out of my budget.
The cheapest one also need RM 1800++ which is excluding 10% service charge and government tax..
This already taken more than half of my current income >.<
This is for 2 days 1 night...
You can know more details here

I will go there when my bonus already reach 5 figure ^^
Yay.. New target ;)
Oh.. When I said bonus, it mean my business income

Another getaway location that I heard from Tammy [again] is Pangkor Laut Resort.
Been to Pangkor few years back but not to Pangkor Laut Resort.

The place look very nice though.
The price already very dear >.<
You can check out the price here.
Know from Tammy, they having a package of RM 799 nett per pax (for twin sharing) in a Garden Villa for 3 days 2 nights, meals inclusive, ferry transfer and tax already included.
But everything there is USD >.<

Hahaha.. Going to make it as another target then XD
Arhhh... Need to work harder now to hit my target :P

Do you have anywhere that are nice to suggest for a getaway..?
Please share with me.. ;)
Love to hear from you.. ^^

Saturday, May 21, 2011



Super STRESS and super busy... No time to rest.. >.<
I need some therapy.. Shopping therapy XD

Hmmm.. Wait till next month when I got my bonus then I'll go for the therapy.
Have to be patient 1st ^^
Can't wait to get my next month bonus :D

iPhone4 here I come~~

Monday, May 16, 2011


Check out my other blog

It's updated ;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Sorry for no update from me...

Been busy with my business lately...
Hope you all also can join in this business ^^

Contact me if you are interested ;)
017 - 666 3391
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