Thursday, May 26, 2011

Breakaway Needed~

I need a breakaway...
Want to go somewhere travel but don't know where yet..

Hmmm... I need to focus on my business 1st..
Once my business already on track..
I can go anywhere anytime I want ;)
I been hearing about The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat from Tammy.
It's so tempting.. >.<
BUT I couldn't afford to go there now. T.T
It's totally out of my budget.
The cheapest one also need RM 1800++ which is excluding 10% service charge and government tax..
This already taken more than half of my current income >.<
This is for 2 days 1 night...
You can know more details here

I will go there when my bonus already reach 5 figure ^^
Yay.. New target ;)
Oh.. When I said bonus, it mean my business income

Another getaway location that I heard from Tammy [again] is Pangkor Laut Resort.
Been to Pangkor few years back but not to Pangkor Laut Resort.

The place look very nice though.
The price already very dear >.<
You can check out the price here.
Know from Tammy, they having a package of RM 799 nett per pax (for twin sharing) in a Garden Villa for 3 days 2 nights, meals inclusive, ferry transfer and tax already included.
But everything there is USD >.<

Hahaha.. Going to make it as another target then XD
Arhhh... Need to work harder now to hit my target :P

Do you have anywhere that are nice to suggest for a getaway..?
Please share with me.. ;)
Love to hear from you.. ^^


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