Friday, August 12, 2011

(URGENT) Room Needed for Cheras Area Near LRT

week 41

I'm currently looking for room to rent in Cheras area near LRT station.
My budget would be RM 400 - RM 650.
Preferred got water heater and washing machine.
I'm staying with my bf so we preferred master bedroom but middle or small room is OK as long as it's spacious and can accommodate 2 person.
Move in by end of Aug.

Please kindly contact me at
OR SMS me at 0176663391


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Taking A Break~

Feeling exhausted... T.T

I'm taking a break from everything now..

Will be back soon ;)
Take care..

Friday, June 24, 2011

Advice Needed~~!!!

This morning when I wash my face...
My dark circle getting worse T.T

It's getting darker and bigger... >.<
It's very obvious already..

This could be due to this few week that I don't have enough sleep..
I need advice how to make less obvious..
Well.. Any advice can but just don't ask me to buy facial care products.
As after I buy, I will only use it for short period of time >.<
So really waste money lo...

Please help me...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BAR B Q PLAZA 50% Off Supreme Beef Set or Supreme Pork Set by

Yeah~~!!! Another great deal from that I cannot miss out ^^
Been there few times and LOVE it ;)

BarBQ Plaza
BarBQ Plaza
What Do You Get From This Everyday Coupon?
  • A Supreme Pork Set OR Supreme Beef Set (worth RM31.90) at BarBQ Plaza
    • each Supreme Set comes with two bowls of rice
Optional 50% Off For Special Items:
  • Grilled Marinated Pork Belly RM6.90
  • Som Tam with Soft Shell Crab RM8.90
  • Pineapple Fish Fillet RM7.90
  • Shioyaki Squid RM8.90
  • For more details, go HERE

Friday, June 10, 2011

MIA Again~

Hahaha.. Sorry for MIA again >.<
Been busy lately AGAIN XD
I went back to my hometown last weekend and not feeling well after that T.T
This weekend my parent and my sister whole family coming to KL
Yeah... Hmmm.. Am I really that happy??
Well.. I only know that I will be very tired >.<
They going to Genting on Sunday o.O
I want to follow~~~!!!
BUT I need to work on Monday >.<
AND I got wedding dinner to attend on Sunday =.="

So many things to do BUT so little time >.<
24 hours are NOT ENOUGH for me..
What about you??

They are coming to KL today ^^
They going to stay in Klang tonight then only stay in KL tomorrow.
After that go to Genting on Sunday.
Maybe I will go to Klang tonight ^^
Going to overnight there.

Planned to bring them to go eat seafood for dinner...
My sister planned the same too..
But funny is.. We both planned to go to SAME place...
Well.. I been there few times but still don't remember the restaurant or the place name.
So when my sister told me where she planned to bring our parent go, I also don't know that we planned to go to the same restaurant XD
Until... She gave me the link to

Credit to

So coincidence that we planned to go to the same restaurant..
Hahaha.. Proved that this restaurant really recommended ;)

On Saturday morning, they planned to go to try seafood bak kut teh..
Wow.. Never try this before.
So they eagerly want to try that.
Planned to go to Toh Yuen for dim sum buffet as breakfast..
Since they want to try that seafood bak kut teh, so we will go for the dim sum later..
Previously I bought few coupons from for this dim sum deal ^^
You can check it here. (The deal already over >.<)
Can't wait for it :P

Hmmmm.. Seem like can't stop writing already..
Hahaha... Going to stop here 1st ;)

Love to hear from you on how you going to spend your weekend ^^
Or any nice place to go / nice foods to try ;)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shuang BBQ Steamboat Buffet Officially CLOSED???

Yesterday on FB, suddenly I saw a post from Shuang BBQ Steamboat Buffet that they are officially closed effective yesterday >.<
I got ask why but no reply from them till today...
Been there for few times, kinda like it. I bought about 13 coupons from Deal. I post about it here.
I still got 2 coupons left.
Thought of going to use it soon T.T
Need to email to for refund.
Not sure they going or not.
Will email them later.
You can check on their FB page.

PS: Will update again after I have contact for the refund

Update: informed that they are in the midst of refund.
They will refund the money as in store credits.
You can use the store credits to purchase the deals that you want.
Approximately, the refund will be done by this week ^^
So don't need to worry. ;)
They informed that they actually blasted out email to all the customers [which still got coupons that haven't redeem] about this, but funny thing is that my friend didn't receive that email. o.O
Luckily, Shuang informed in FB page.
Oh... For those that didn't realised about this, not to worry.
As got the list on unredeem coupons from Shuang.
They will refund based on the list.
If you still worry about it, please kindly email to

The refund is done already. I got mine. What about you?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary~~!!

Happy 2nd Anniversary~~!!!
So fast it's already 2 years...
I never thought that we could be together for so long.. ^^
I know I'm not a good girlfriend >.<
Thanks for bear with me..
After what I have done XD
Hey.. Don't misunderstand~~
I didn't do anything wrong
It's just that I very hard to control my temper :P
Thanks for what you have done..
Hopefully everything will be alright ;)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Breakaway Needed~

I need a breakaway...
Want to go somewhere travel but don't know where yet..

Hmmm... I need to focus on my business 1st..
Once my business already on track..
I can go anywhere anytime I want ;)
I been hearing about The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat from Tammy.
It's so tempting.. >.<
BUT I couldn't afford to go there now. T.T
It's totally out of my budget.
The cheapest one also need RM 1800++ which is excluding 10% service charge and government tax..
This already taken more than half of my current income >.<
This is for 2 days 1 night...
You can know more details here

I will go there when my bonus already reach 5 figure ^^
Yay.. New target ;)
Oh.. When I said bonus, it mean my business income

Another getaway location that I heard from Tammy [again] is Pangkor Laut Resort.
Been to Pangkor few years back but not to Pangkor Laut Resort.

The place look very nice though.
The price already very dear >.<
You can check out the price here.
Know from Tammy, they having a package of RM 799 nett per pax (for twin sharing) in a Garden Villa for 3 days 2 nights, meals inclusive, ferry transfer and tax already included.
But everything there is USD >.<

Hahaha.. Going to make it as another target then XD
Arhhh... Need to work harder now to hit my target :P

Do you have anywhere that are nice to suggest for a getaway..?
Please share with me.. ;)
Love to hear from you.. ^^

Saturday, May 21, 2011



Super STRESS and super busy... No time to rest.. >.<
I need some therapy.. Shopping therapy XD

Hmmm.. Wait till next month when I got my bonus then I'll go for the therapy.
Have to be patient 1st ^^
Can't wait to get my next month bonus :D

iPhone4 here I come~~

Monday, May 16, 2011


Check out my other blog

It's updated ;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Sorry for no update from me...

Been busy with my business lately...
Hope you all also can join in this business ^^

Contact me if you are interested ;)
017 - 666 3391

Friday, April 29, 2011

RM 10K income~~~

Anyone want to earn RM 10K++???

OR even more than that.. XD

Check out this one

Want to know how to do it?

017 - 666 3391


Attention everyone~~!!!!

If you want to know how to slim down or to maintain your body...

Contact me today~~!!

Don't wait ;)

OR check out the blog

Thursday, April 28, 2011

FREE Coca-Cola Can Glass

FREE Coca-Cola can glass with every Coca-Cola glass meal
(Any large McValue meal & Sundae)

It starts today, 28 April 2011. Above is the 1st design. They will change the design every week ^^ So go get it now ;)

Credit to Freebies Land. I knew about this from McD's facebook page but forgot start when XD

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Half Price Frappuccino Blended Beverage at Starbucks

Attention to all Starbucks lover~~!!!

Half Price Frappuccino Blended Beverage at Starbucks

Well.. Even you don't drink coffee, you also can try out their chocolate drinks ^^

It's only for 5 pm - 6 pm on weekdays from 26 April until 6 May 2011.

I'm going to get 1 later... Hmm.. 2 I think cause going to buy for him too... XD

What you waiting... Don't wait.. This kind of offer you don't get it everyday ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

50% Off RM20 Cash Voucher @ Restoran Hao Wei Dao from

Who can tell me that they don't like to eat...??? Hehehe... :P

Another deal regards food again from ^^

What You Get When You Purchase This Everyday Coupons?
RM20 Cash Voucher to dine at Restoran Hao Wei Dao

  • Cosy and comfortable ambience
  • Fusion of Western and Local delights
  • Air-Cond
  • WiFi
  • Non-Halal
T & C for Coupons

  • 1 day advance booking needed
  • Multiple coupons in a bill allowed
  • Valid only on Mon-Fri
  • Not Valid on Public Holidays
  • Can be use to pay for service tax
  • Coupon valid from 2nd May - 2nd Aug, 2011
  • See Universal Terms that apply to all Everyday Coupons.
50% Off RM20 Cash Voucher @ Restoran Hao Wei Dao

Restoran Hao Wei Dao
Restoran Hao Wei Dao
4g Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: 03-8062 3159

Business Hours:
Daily: 11am - 11pm

So what are you waiting... Grab it before it end ^^ There is a limit on how many coupons to be sold...

Click here to get the coupons. Thanks to!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Attention to all ladies out there~~!!!!

Want to get the CURVY body shape..??
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    PB can!
    Soft material, easy to adjust and won't push the nipple!
  • Alternatif for CONFINEMENT
    The choice of THOUSAND of ladies after gave birth

    Contact me now ^^ DON'T WAIT


Yeah... Another few hours then I be off from my work. Then another few hours later will be weekend.

So what you all will be doing this weekend??

I'm trying to do my appointment ^^

For what?? Sure for my business XD

Click here to check out my business ;) Contact me if you are interested XD

Hope to hear from you all~~!!!


I went to KLCC today after work to meet my friend to collect something ^^ Will reveal that later ;)

I never expect that I will bump into Hanis. I knew that she will be there for whole day but KLCC is so big... So it's not easy to bump into people unless you know exactly where they at that time ^^ Maybe it's already a signal for me XP

My friend will only be there after 7pm so we went to have our dinner 1st. Today is his off day and he haven't eat for the whole day yet... Pity him... >.< So after dinner, we went to MAC counter to look for my friend ^^ Then we off for our movie...

Hehehe... We go watch free movie... Yeah... This is because I got my free movies pass from Nuffnang ^^ I mentioned about it here in case you don't know XD

We don't know what movie to watch. Then he suggest us to watch Red Riding Hood and the ticket person also said it's nice >.<

Well... Still OK >.< But not up to what we have expected XP Not too bad but we expected more... Hmmm... Action or horror should I say? Hahaha... Really can't describe XP But don't think I will watch it for the 2nd time. Hehehe... Well... It's been a while since the last time we watch movie in cinema ^^ I missed alot of nice movies T.T Been too busy already... Next month will be a bit free but I want to do business....

I need help... Haihz.. Nobody can help me other than myself >.< Wish me good luck then ^^ I really need it XD
Go check out my business here ^^
Stay tuned~~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Blog - My Journey with Premium Beautiful

I created another blog called ♥ My Journey With Premium Beautiful ♥ ^^

In that blog, I'll tell you all about Premium Beautiful, the business, my progress while wearing and also everything in my journey to success in this business ^^ Please go visit that blog..

Thanks for your support~

Don't worry... I will still update this blog ^^

Stay tuned~

What business you want to do..?? How much your capital..??

Alot of people hate to do sales and I'm one of them too ^^ But none of us hate money... >.<

People said if you really want to make money, then you have to do business. So what business you want to do then...??? If you want to do business, you must have capital or modal 1st right? So how much of capital or modal that you need before you start a business??

He told me before that he want to be in oil & gas business as a dealer. Do you know how much of capital you need to become a dealer? It's RM 450,000 which is the minimum. >.< How many of us could fork out that kind of money in short period of time...?? If you want to save, how long you going to save..?? If you want to use 5 years to save, you need to save at least RM 7500 every month for 5 years >.< This is ok if you are earning RM 10k and above every month.

Another way is to get personal loan or SME loan but it's not easy to get SME loan as they need to look at your business plan 1st so normally people will go for personal loan. How much you can get for your personal loan then?? I think maximum you can get also only RM 150k but this also need to depends on your salary too...

Fine.. Then don't want to become the dealer. What other business you can do..?? Hmmmm... Open a boutique?? Restaurant?? Shop?? So how much is your capital then..?? I think minimum you also need RM 50k. Why?? You need location, product etc.. Then you also need money for marketing so then only people will know about you.

Therefore it's not easy to start a business ^^ When you doing business, you also doing sales XD Since you don't like to do sales but why not do sales for your own business??

No money to start your own business...?? You don't need to have RM 50K to do your own business... ^^

What...???!!!! Don't believe me..?? Hehehe.. Yes, it's true. After you start this business, you got the chance to earn 4-5-6 figure, all expenses paid trip to 3 different countries a year, get free watch etc..

Want to know more..?? Contact me and I'll let you know how ^^ I just decided to join. So come join me and we grow together ^^

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back from the Meeting ^^

I just back from meeting a person who earn about RM 200k per month and this amount is going up & up... Unless she stop >.< BUT who will want to STOP...??? Hahaha...

Her name is Hanis and you can click here to check out her blog. It really amazed me on how she start her business until where she stands now. Can you imagine a housewife turn to a person who earn 6 figure in 2 years time...?? Hard to believe right?? Me too...

She not only earn 6 figure now but also enjoy all expenses paid trips to 3 different countries every year, free cars, free pens, free watches and also free bags. All this is she got after she join the business for Premium Beautiful. On top of that, she also get back the figure that she want by using Premium Beautiful...

She started this business in 2009 and she earned 5 figure after 5 months she joined >.< Amazing right? She was desperate for money that time and almost the same situation with me. We want to get more money and at the same time want to slim down to...

Can I be like her?? Hmmm... I want to.. Planned to join this business ^^ But need to discuss with my honey 1st XP Cause I need to sacrifice 1st if I want to success in this business ^^

For your info, she got 2 cars from this business. One is BMW 3 series and another is BMW 5 series which just out for about 1 month...

Do you want to be like her too?? Earn 6 figure in less than 2 years time, free dream cars, own your a house, enjoy 3 trips that all expenses paid in a year and etc.... Come join with me and together we grow ^^

Please contact me if you are interested ^^

Well... If you don't want to join the business, it's ok ^^ You can just buy the product XD

But I don't want to miss out this oppurtunity ^^ Grab it will you can ;)

Going to Meet Someone~~

Hehehe... I'm going to meet someone later after work or on Friday that could change my life for better ^^ I  hope so XD

I'm so excited and couldn't stop thinking about it >.<

I will leak out more information once it's confirm ;)

Stay tune~~

Monday, April 18, 2011


Arhhhhh~~~ I'm having Monday blue now... >.<

And my leg is pain T.T So lazy to wake up this morning for work >.<

PS: Pictures taken from Google ^^

Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday Surprise from Nuffnang

My birthday already past for a week when I received an email from Nuffnang informed me that I have been selected to receive 4 complimentary passes for any movie at TGV Cinemas outlets nationwide.

This is a surprise from nuffnang for their members. You can click here to read more about it ^^

TGV is giving out 1000 complimentary passes every month to Nuffnangers celebrating their birthday! Every month, 250 Glitterati Nuffnangers will be randomly chosen to receive 4 complimentary tickets to ANY movie in ANY TGV outlet nationwide! Well.. Except box office movies >.<

However, this TGV Birthday Surprise for Nuffnangers is open to all Glitterati Nuffnangers residing in the Klang Valley only.

To all the Nuffnangers out there, keep an eye on your email on your birthday month as Nuffnang will inform via email ^^

I have collected my passes ^^ This month not much interesting movies to watch so I might only use it next month XD Pirates of the Caribbean here I come~~~!!!

What's your motivation to earn more money...??

Hehehe... My mind really can't stop thinking about money now.... XD

Tell me, what's your motivation to earn more money? What you want to have? Or what you want to do? What make you want to earn more money..?? Family or commitments..??? >.<

Mostly people want to have luxury lifestyle. Even they can't afford it, they still want to use "future money" which is credit card... I used to have credit cards and it really cause a huge financial problem to me T.T So I won't say "Yes" to credit card anymore. XD He never has credit card before and he actually wanted to have one but I objected based on my experience ^^

I also want to have luxury lifestyle but with my current income, I'm unable to afford it T.T I really want to be financial freedom >.< I wish I got money to buy what I want without thinking too much about the price XD I don't really adore branded stuffs but tell me which girls don't like shopping... XD

I wish I could afford to buy iPhone and Blackberry now without thinking too much ^^ I also wish that I could earn alot so that I could afford to give money to my parent every month so that they don't need to work anymore. My dad already nearly 60 years old but he still need to work as none of the kids afford to give them money so that don't need to work >.< I wish I could be that person if I earn alot of money ^^

Personally, I have been in sales line and I hate it but what to do..?? That's the job that you can earn alot >.< I might give it a try again and who know whether I'll success or not ^^

My motivation is to be financial freedom ^^

So what's yours??

Stay tuned~

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I have joined ^^

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I can't stop thinking....

Recently my mind keep thinking about money... And I can't stop thinking about it... XD

I keep thinking what can I do to earn more money. 1st thing that come into my mind is to look for higher income job >.< Do you think it's easy to look for a job that is higher income that your current job? Yes, if your current job is below RM 2K but what about those that above RM 2K..?? Sure you will aim for higher like RM 3K and above right..?? In reality, how many jobs really offer that range of salary?? Well.. This also has to depends you are in which specialization, industry, education level and experiences. Tell you the true, it's very hard.

You might get higher income when you change your job but after that...?? Do you have increment every year? How much is your increment? Do you have career advancement? All of this are got unknown answer T.T

Well.. People said if you really want to earn money, then have your own business. But my question is what business? I have been sales line before and I don't really like it. I also don't like to do business cause I'm too lazy for it >.<

My mind keep repeating all this T.T I really need to find a way to earn money more than what I'm having now >.< So I have made my move ^^ Now waiting for it...

Now, I come across another thing which is direct selling. I never like this before but I saw that this person is really doing very well in it. This business is not only can make 1 of my dream come true but few of it ^^ I haven't make my move yet but I'm keep thinking about it again. Then another question again, I don't have money so how am I going to start it??? T.T I hate this question. I really want to be financial freedom and don't need to worry about money anymore. Can have whatever I dream for ^^

Wish me good luck ^^ I'll let you know more about it when I'm confirm XD

Stay tune~

Monday, April 11, 2011

Surf Faster with DiGi Opera Mini

One of the things we love to use our phones for is mobile browsing because well, who has time to sit down and browse leisurely any more right? :) Did you know though, that mobile browsing is not limited only to smartphones; you can surf the web too with your regular feature phone!

Introducing the Opera Mini mobile browser, now co-branded with DiGi! What’s the big deal about it, you ask? Check out the advantages DiGi Opera Mini offers:
  • Up to 6x faster browsing speed
  • Savings on data usage as it compresses up to 90% of data
  • Full Web experience as it able to translate normal websites into viewable sizes on the mobile phone
  • 1 click access to your favourite websites – using the speed dials configured in the client
  • The DiGi co-branded Opera Mini client supports zero-rated sites offered by DiGi (which the public version of Opera Mini does not support)
  • The DiGi co-branded Opera Mini client supports content purchase (which the public version of Opera Mini does not support)
  • It enables feature phones and low-end phones to enjoy the Internet just like any other smartphone
In case you’re wondering how DiGi Opera Mini will look like on your phone, here’s a screenshot you can refer to:

Okay, now that you’ve gotten a peek at DiGi Opera Mini, we want you to try it out for yourselves, and spread the news about it too! There are a few great deals going on in conjunction with the launch of DiGi Opera Mini:

FREE Opera Mini Download
From 23 March to 31 May 2011, Opera Mini will be available for download free of charge from, or you can also SMS OPERA to 2000 to get the download link.

FREE 1MB Up For Grabs
There will be 100 units of 1MB worth of data given away every hour via the Opera Mini client from 23 Mach 2011 to 31 May 2011! It’s open to ALL Prepaid customers only (excluding Happy & Prepaid Internet), while postpaid customers will be redirected to the “Tell-A-Friend” page instead.

Refer A Friend and win a HTC Mozart!
Starting 23 March to 31 May 2011, you can open the Opera Mini browser once you’ve downloaded it, and click on the “Free 1 MB” offer. You’ll then be led to the campaign page where you can click on the “Refer A Friend” link. After that, just follow the instructions to key in your friends’ mobile numbers and they’ll then receive an SMS with the Opera Mini download link. The more friends you refer, the higher your chances are to win one of 60 HTC Mozart smart phones up for grabs!

Go forth and surf on DiGi Opera Mini! :D For more information on DiGi Opera Mini, log on to

PS: This is only for DiGi subscribers and this information is from Nuffnang for their DiGi Evangelist. ^^ I'm their DiGi Evangelist :D

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Apologize for MIA recently

How's everyone out there?

Please accept my apology for no update on my blog recently. Things have been a bit crazy lately. Super busy with my work.

I had make a decision to change my career path >.< This is not an easy decision T.T As I need to go thru all the tears... Sure you don't believe me. Well... He don't want to let me to change my job but I insisted due to some issues so we gone thru some arguements T.T In the end, he gave me a statement that he will support me no matter what's my decision because I never listen to him ^^

It's not that my current job is not good. He is happy with it as I'm working office hours and not shift hours as my previous job. Yes, everything is fine with it but I'm just not satisfied with it >.< Well... I need to earn more money now as I got a lot of commitments T.T Besides that, I also got a lot of things that I want to do which I couldn't afford with my current job >.< So I need to go for a job that allow me to do so ^^ However, the biggest reason why he object is I would not have time for him.

Yes, for the new job, it offered higher income but also mean that I need to sacrifice more time on the job >.< So I was having a very tough time to make the decision T.T Finally, in the end, I have decided to go for it ^^ I really hope that everything will be fine later on.. Wish me luck ^^

Oh... This also mean that I would have lesser time to blog T.T I would try to find time to update my blog ^^

Besides that, last Sunday was my birthday ^^ Yay... I'm another year older already [Kinda sad in another way >.<] I spend that day with him at Genting Highland ^^ So I took off from my work for 2 days... Nothing special though.. We just spend our holiday there. Nothing much to do cause we are not kids and we don't attract to theme park XD He wanted to go there badly so we planned last year to go there on my birthday. Now he told me that he wouldn't spend two nights there already because too boring already.. Hahaha...

We went for a movie in Genting. We watched Choy Lee Fut at midnight show. In my opinion, the movie is very boring and meaningless. I don't like the movie at all. It make me fell sleepy >.< He even fall asleep while watching.. Hahaha... Yes, it does have action part but not exciting enough XD Especially the story line is not so good XP Another funny part is that the actor hurted his right hand but the bandage is on his left hand >.< Then suddenly the bandage is on his right hand again.. Hahaha.. Overall, I'm very disappointed T.T I thought it would be more exciting and interesting >.< P/S This is only my opinion. You might got different experience than what I have. Therefore this might not apply to you ^^

That's all for my update ^^ Need to get back to my work now XD

Stay tune~~

Friday, March 25, 2011

Swimming Again....???

2 days ago I finally managed to pull myself to go to the swimming pool.. Phew.. It's not easy... I was supposed to go at 7 pm but I dragged myself until around 8.30 pm only I go >.<

I'm gladded that I didn't over do it that day as I don't feel much ache since yesterday compared to what I have expected ^^

So it's time to go again today o.O Will I ever make it??

Stay tune ^^

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yay~~ Finally ^^

Yay~~ Finally I did it~~!!!

I'm like going to give up again today T.T But I forced myself to do it... So yes, I finally go for swimming today ^^

I only went for about half hour because I don't want to force my body to do extreme exercise first as this is the first exercise I do after for so long T.T Previously I still got dance in the club so still can consider as I really sweat alot but after I cut down clubbing, I don't think I got do anything that will burn my calories that much >.<

Well.. Need to get my body to use to it first or else I will have another excuse again ^^

How do I feel??

Hmmmm.. The water is so so so cold T.T I really not use to it as I never swim at night before o.O So this is my first experience swim at night ^^

OK, now is about 1 hour after I finished my swim and my body started to ache already T.T Not really ache but feel very tired and I'm hungry now o.O So I really need to bear that feeling... So please support me ^^

Wish me good luck ^^

No action T.T

In my previous post regarding "Motivation", I mentioned that I would like to slim down by going to swim.. If you are wondering which one, click here to read it ^^

Well... I'm sorry to say that the motivation really didn't last long T.T Or should I said the motivation died very soon even before I start it >.< I have dedicated some time for it but I keep give lame excuses for not doing so o.O Wondering what kind of excuses?? Ahem.. Got "It's going to rain", "I'm very full so not good to go swim", "Today is not the day" etc...

T.T I'm not keeping the promise... That I have made for myself >.< Everytime my enthusiasm only last for a very short period T.T Now I'm wondering will I make it today.... o.O

In less than 2 weeks, my birthday will be here and I'm not getting any slimmer T.T Now I disappoint my ownself... I think I just want someone to accompany me. But I really wonder how come I can do it alone last time...?? That time I went to gym alone ^^ Maybe I have been too pamper by him?? Too rely on him?? Arhhhh....!!! I have to be myself back T.T

Does this happened to you too??? To all the women that's in love now??? What should I do then...?? I think I got to force myself to start it today or else I'll never start XD

Wish me luck ^^ I really need it

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dream House - One Legenda

Do you have a dream house?

I bet you got ^^ But how many people actually can afford their dream house? Besides those super rich people T.T

I never thought of what kinds of house that I should have. Well... I could only think of terrace house XD

Recently I saw a gallery of a bungalow which is worth more than RM 4 million >.< I don't think I will ever afford to buy this kind of bungalow. But everyone can dream of it ^^

I like the design of the bungalow. It's 3 storey bungalow and they got 3 types of it. Only 26 of them o.O

One Legenda is a prestigious project by Nova Legend Development Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mah Sing Group.

Their Concept
Not all homes are created equal
Welcome to the distinction of life at One Legenda
26 Freehold Limited Signature Bungalows

Type A
Indicative Land Size : 8,075 sq.ft.
Indicative Built-up : 6,313 sq.ft.
No. rooms : 6+1

Type B
Indicative Land Size : 8,075 sq.ft.
Indicative Built-up : 6,754 sq.ft.
No. rooms : 7+1

Artist Impression of Type C
Indicative Land Size : 6,650 sq.ft.
Indicative Built-up : 5,700 sq.ft.
No. rooms : 6+1

Master Suite Type A

Master Suite Type B
Ooooh... I love this style... >.< Wish I can get this room in my house no matter it's from this bungalow or not ^^

Bedroom 1 Type A

Bedroom 1 Type B

Bedroom 2 Type A

Bedroom 2 Type B

Living & Dining Type A

Living & Dining Type B

Private Lift ^^
Thinking of the maintenance fees >.<

Private Gym Room
I wonder they included the equipment or the owner has to buy it >.<

Private Jacuzzi
Can enjoy own spa at home ^^

Smart Home & Built In Alarm System

Walk in Wardrobe Type A
I'm wondering for Type B but they didn't put the picture in their website T.T.

Sure you are wondering how come don't have Type C picture. Well... This is because they don't have Type C picture in their website >.<

I wonder whether they can mix the design or not..?? Hahaha.. I like Type A design more but I love Type B Master suite design XP Why should I bother since I can't afford to buy T.T Anyone want to buy for me..?? XD I know, I know, I know. In my dreams >.< That's why it's dreams house... Hehehe...

You can see more image at Mah Sing Group or One Legenda website. Both also got more details than here ^^ All the images here are taken from Mah Sing Group

Disclaimer: I'm not doing promotion for them. I didn't see the real bungalow or even the showhouse. It's just that I came across this project and their design really caught my eye ^^ And suddenly it has become my dream house >.< So I just want to share with you all ^^ For registrations or enquiries, please kindly refer back to the developer. I'm not responsible for this XD
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