Friday, April 15, 2011

I can't stop thinking....

Recently my mind keep thinking about money... And I can't stop thinking about it... XD

I keep thinking what can I do to earn more money. 1st thing that come into my mind is to look for higher income job >.< Do you think it's easy to look for a job that is higher income that your current job? Yes, if your current job is below RM 2K but what about those that above RM 2K..?? Sure you will aim for higher like RM 3K and above right..?? In reality, how many jobs really offer that range of salary?? Well.. This also has to depends you are in which specialization, industry, education level and experiences. Tell you the true, it's very hard.

You might get higher income when you change your job but after that...?? Do you have increment every year? How much is your increment? Do you have career advancement? All of this are got unknown answer T.T

Well.. People said if you really want to earn money, then have your own business. But my question is what business? I have been sales line before and I don't really like it. I also don't like to do business cause I'm too lazy for it >.<

My mind keep repeating all this T.T I really need to find a way to earn money more than what I'm having now >.< So I have made my move ^^ Now waiting for it...

Now, I come across another thing which is direct selling. I never like this before but I saw that this person is really doing very well in it. This business is not only can make 1 of my dream come true but few of it ^^ I haven't make my move yet but I'm keep thinking about it again. Then another question again, I don't have money so how am I going to start it??? T.T I hate this question. I really want to be financial freedom and don't need to worry about money anymore. Can have whatever I dream for ^^

Wish me good luck ^^ I'll let you know more about it when I'm confirm XD

Stay tune~


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