Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What business you want to do..?? How much your capital..??

Alot of people hate to do sales and I'm one of them too ^^ But none of us hate money... >.<

People said if you really want to make money, then you have to do business. So what business you want to do then...??? If you want to do business, you must have capital or modal 1st right? So how much of capital or modal that you need before you start a business??

He told me before that he want to be in oil & gas business as a dealer. Do you know how much of capital you need to become a dealer? It's RM 450,000 which is the minimum. >.< How many of us could fork out that kind of money in short period of time...?? If you want to save, how long you going to save..?? If you want to use 5 years to save, you need to save at least RM 7500 every month for 5 years >.< This is ok if you are earning RM 10k and above every month.

Another way is to get personal loan or SME loan but it's not easy to get SME loan as they need to look at your business plan 1st so normally people will go for personal loan. How much you can get for your personal loan then?? I think maximum you can get also only RM 150k but this also need to depends on your salary too...

Fine.. Then don't want to become the dealer. What other business you can do..?? Hmmmm... Open a boutique?? Restaurant?? Shop?? So how much is your capital then..?? I think minimum you also need RM 50k. Why?? You need location, product etc.. Then you also need money for marketing so then only people will know about you.

Therefore it's not easy to start a business ^^ When you doing business, you also doing sales XD Since you don't like to do sales but why not do sales for your own business??

No money to start your own business...?? You don't need to have RM 50K to do your own business... ^^

What...???!!!! Don't believe me..?? Hehehe.. Yes, it's true. After you start this business, you got the chance to earn 4-5-6 figure, all expenses paid trip to 3 different countries a year, get free watch etc..

Want to know more..?? Contact me and I'll let you know how ^^ I just decided to join. So come join me and we grow together ^^


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