Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Apologize for MIA recently

How's everyone out there?

Please accept my apology for no update on my blog recently. Things have been a bit crazy lately. Super busy with my work.

I had make a decision to change my career path >.< This is not an easy decision T.T As I need to go thru all the tears... Sure you don't believe me. Well... He don't want to let me to change my job but I insisted due to some issues so we gone thru some arguements T.T In the end, he gave me a statement that he will support me no matter what's my decision because I never listen to him ^^

It's not that my current job is not good. He is happy with it as I'm working office hours and not shift hours as my previous job. Yes, everything is fine with it but I'm just not satisfied with it >.< Well... I need to earn more money now as I got a lot of commitments T.T Besides that, I also got a lot of things that I want to do which I couldn't afford with my current job >.< So I need to go for a job that allow me to do so ^^ However, the biggest reason why he object is I would not have time for him.

Yes, for the new job, it offered higher income but also mean that I need to sacrifice more time on the job >.< So I was having a very tough time to make the decision T.T Finally, in the end, I have decided to go for it ^^ I really hope that everything will be fine later on.. Wish me luck ^^

Oh... This also mean that I would have lesser time to blog T.T I would try to find time to update my blog ^^

Besides that, last Sunday was my birthday ^^ Yay... I'm another year older already [Kinda sad in another way >.<] I spend that day with him at Genting Highland ^^ So I took off from my work for 2 days... Nothing special though.. We just spend our holiday there. Nothing much to do cause we are not kids and we don't attract to theme park XD He wanted to go there badly so we planned last year to go there on my birthday. Now he told me that he wouldn't spend two nights there already because too boring already.. Hahaha...

We went for a movie in Genting. We watched Choy Lee Fut at midnight show. In my opinion, the movie is very boring and meaningless. I don't like the movie at all. It make me fell sleepy >.< He even fall asleep while watching.. Hahaha... Yes, it does have action part but not exciting enough XD Especially the story line is not so good XP Another funny part is that the actor hurted his right hand but the bandage is on his left hand >.< Then suddenly the bandage is on his right hand again.. Hahaha.. Overall, I'm very disappointed T.T I thought it would be more exciting and interesting >.< P/S This is only my opinion. You might got different experience than what I have. Therefore this might not apply to you ^^

That's all for my update ^^ Need to get back to my work now XD

Stay tune~~


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