Friday, April 15, 2011

What's your motivation to earn more money...??

Hehehe... My mind really can't stop thinking about money now.... XD

Tell me, what's your motivation to earn more money? What you want to have? Or what you want to do? What make you want to earn more money..?? Family or commitments..??? >.<

Mostly people want to have luxury lifestyle. Even they can't afford it, they still want to use "future money" which is credit card... I used to have credit cards and it really cause a huge financial problem to me T.T So I won't say "Yes" to credit card anymore. XD He never has credit card before and he actually wanted to have one but I objected based on my experience ^^

I also want to have luxury lifestyle but with my current income, I'm unable to afford it T.T I really want to be financial freedom >.< I wish I got money to buy what I want without thinking too much about the price XD I don't really adore branded stuffs but tell me which girls don't like shopping... XD

I wish I could afford to buy iPhone and Blackberry now without thinking too much ^^ I also wish that I could earn alot so that I could afford to give money to my parent every month so that they don't need to work anymore. My dad already nearly 60 years old but he still need to work as none of the kids afford to give them money so that don't need to work >.< I wish I could be that person if I earn alot of money ^^

Personally, I have been in sales line and I hate it but what to do..?? That's the job that you can earn alot >.< I might give it a try again and who know whether I'll success or not ^^

My motivation is to be financial freedom ^^

So what's yours??

Stay tuned~


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