Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tomorrow is Holiday~~~!!!

  Yeah~~~ Tomorrow is Public Holiday!!!

  I didn't know that tomorrow is Public Holiday as I'm not fancy about football and even my bf[who is a football fan] also don't know. Maybe this is due to we did not listen to radio when we are at home.

  This morning the people is very excited but I still don't know what is going on until a customer informed me that our PM announced tomorrow(31/12/2010) is holiday due to Malaysia won the AFF cup over Indonesia~~ So I asked my colleagues, my bf and my sister. My bf still don't know yet and my sister not sure whether her company going to have the holiday or not.

  I was so excited too but also not sure whether my company going to announce it or not. So all my colleagues and me waiting for the email of the announcement. We all only guessing but not sure whether our HR will announce or not cause our HR very "stingy" on holiday. Why I mentioned they are "stingy" is because of other reason but I don't want to mention it now as not sure whether they will change or not later. ^^ Hopefully they will.

  After a small chat with my colleague at the pantry, I haven't back to my place yet as I need to answer a personal call 1st. When I'm back to my place, my colleague PMed me to ask me to check email... Because our HR just announced that tomorrow is Public Holiday for us too~~~ Yeah yeah yeah~~~~ I'm so excited.

  Don't know what to do tomorrow as suddenly tomorrow is a holiday. Maybe will go shopping with my bf as he been talking about for quite sometime and everytime I lazy to go out. Arhhhh... So headache now as don't know what to do tomorrow. Suddenly feel want to go clubbing tonight. Hehehe.. I'll think about it later. Have to concentrate on my work now so that I can finish it by today. :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2 days Before New Year~~

  Wow... 2 more days to go before the year end.. ^^

  I heard alot people going to marry in 2011[I mean someone that I know].  On 2nd Jan, I'm going to attend a wedding dinner for a friend of my bf. And there more coming soon. I don't think I'll be one of them.

  I like that 1 which is facing the mirror and at the beach. Hopefully I can slim down just in time for the wedding photoshot[just like the model in the pic]. Hahaha... I don't even have that 1 yet. I mean the photoshot and no plan yet too..

  I felt I always talk out of my topic. :P Hehehe... This is me. I just found a new series of drama for me to watch which is Merlin Season 3. I have finished watched season 1 & 2 so I'm going to finish this soon. I don't know why but I like to watch movies/drama about magic. How I wish I got magic... ^^

  I think I still need to strungle thru 2011 and will be better for 2012 as I predicted that my financial will be more stable that time. I felt there is alot of things I have missed out in 2010 and I will plan to get it back in 2011. :) Not deciding to write it down here. Will keep it in my mind 1st. :P

  Well... The 1st thing I'll do is to register an FB account for myself and get in touch will all my friends. Maybe it's because I'm getting older so think differently now. Erm.. I still feel lazy to have 1 FB account but I'll miss out all the fun that I could have. That's why I'm going to have 1 on 1st Jan 2011. :D I told my bf about this and he want me to use his account. =.="  I'm not sure why he like me to use his account but I have rejected that offer. Hehehe... Planned to have my own privacy. I think 1 of my resolution for 2011 is to think and act differently that before. Hmmm... Not sure how am I going to that. Hahaha...

  Hopefully 2011 is a good year for everyone and put back what had happened in 2010[which is bad]~~~ ^^

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 days before New Year

  Wow... So fast the time passby and it's only left 3 days of 2010.

  So fast I'm going to be 1 year older. Really.. Time don't wait for people. How I wish there is a machine call "Time Stopper" so that I can stop the time anytime and anywhere I want. But it's just a dream.

  There is so many plans for 2011 but not sure whether it will go as it planned as there is too many uncertainty. Example, I'm on diet now but I'm still craving for food even I tried control it very hard. The worst past if my bf will keep ask me to eat eat & eat.... Haihz... Not sure my diet plan will success or not. OK, need to stop that for now, I mean the topic. Hahaha... Even with alot of uncertainty and lack of confidence, I still want to make sure that I make it. :)

  Alot of my friends married this year and I didn't even attend it. Well.. Most of the reason is they didn't invite me.[Hahaha... For sure as they are unable to contact me :P] I have always missing in action and only turn up on CNY. I'm not sure why has this been my habit. Well... I planned to contact back my school mates but I don't have their contact number so I'm thinking of having FB to stay contact with them[since I don't have 1 yet :D]. Everyone is surprised when I told them that I don't have FB and they don't believed me. Erm... There is a reason behind this. I used to be very active in friendster and tagged but I got bored already. That's why I'm lazy to get 1 FB for myself. I used to play mg bf's account but I stopped due to we have a huge quarrel about I'm addicted to FB[in fact I was using his PC to play FB's games and cause him can't use]. It's always about funny reasons we got quarrel but don't have the resolution to change it in 2011 :P.

  Hopefully everythings go well in 2011~~ For everyone :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Christm@s D@y ~~~

  One of my favorite Christmas song ~ only the song :) not who sing it :P

Nobody ~ WonderGirl

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's CHRISTMAS EVE~~~~!!!!

  Finally it's Christmas Eve~~~~!!!!

  Going to have lunch with the whole department to California Pizza at Fahrenheit88. It's a mix of Christmas-Farewell-Birthday lunch for us. :)

  After work, I'm going to do some shopping with my colleague. I'll do inai too... [If you ever wonder what is that - no worry... I'll take a picture of it :)] It's only RM 5/hand and I'm already very excited thinking of it. More update to come later. ;)

  Updated ~ 25/12 1.40pm

  We had a great lunch yesterday at California Pizza. There is total of 16 person which is 1 guy with 15 gals. We ordered total of 5 pizzas, 3 spaghetti, 2 salads & 1 pasta and all finished. [Didn't manage to get the picture of the foods]. We bought Strawberry Marshmallow Cheese from Secret Recipe for the birthdays gals. It's a new recipe. At first when I heard of the name, I was thinking would it be nice as there are marshmallow in the cake but in the end, it's tasted very nice. Thinking of buying 1 for my bf [he like cheese cake very much :)]. The birthday gal got 1 sundae from California Pizza.

  I have done my inai on the back of left hand. I'll upload the pictures later. ;)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas day this Saturday ~~

  Wow... So fast only left 2 days before Christmas already...

Thought of going to attend for a wedding in Perak but after my bf did an "aggressive" survey on the place - Selama, Perak, he pursuaded me to go on Sunday. He said the place is very dangerous at night, no signal, the road is very narrow, very hard to drive and even the local don't even used the road after 5pm as the area is very easy to get flooded. More worse, he said that his colleague told him that if lucky will see monkeys on the road, more lucky will see snakes, even more lucky will see elephant and most lucky will meet with tiger... =.= [Not sure whether it's true or not] Anyway, the plan is cancelled due to another person can't make it and the cost of going there is way too expensive. So we decided to buy present for her instead.

  Anyway, still got no plan yet for Christmas night. But I'm thinking to have a plan on the next day. I'm thinking of going SPA with my bf [if he want]. There is a coupon from of RM 50 which you can enjoy for the SPA. Below is what can get from a total treatment of 2 1/2 hours: -
  1. Body ScrubCosmo De Beaute Studio
  2. Choose Aromatherapy Full Body Massage
    Ginger Slimming Massage
  3. Aromatherapy Jacuzzi Spa
  4. Ginger Body Care
  5. RM 20 Voucher
Cosmo De Beaute Studio
  Click here to take a look on the deal. Have to act fast before the deal is closed. Since the coupon is valid from 26 Dec 2010 - 26 Mar 2011 so I'm thinking going on 26 Dec. :)

  Well... Have to wait until I discuss with my bf 1st. :( [Wonder who can give me more suggestion on what to do - cause lazy to think about it already :P]

Dongzhi(冬至) Festival ~~ Today

  Today is Dongzhi(冬至) festival for Chinese.

  The Dōngzhì Festival or Winter Solstice Festival (Chinese: 冬至; pinyin: Dōngzhì; literally "the Extreme of Winter") is one of the most important festivals celebrated by the Chinese and other East Asians during the Dongzhi solar term (winter solstice) on or around December 22 when sunshine is weakest and daylight shortest. It will occur on December 22 (East Asia time) in 2010.

  One of the activity on Dongzhi is make and eat Tangyuan(湯圓). Tāngyuán is a Chinese food made from glutinous rice flour. Glutinous rice flour is mixed with a small amount of water to form balls and is then cooked and served in boiling water. Tangyuan can be either small or large, and filled or unfilled.

  The festive food is also a reminder that we are now a year older and should behave better in the coming year. Even today, many Chinese around the world, especially the elderly, still insist that one is "a year older" right after the Dongzhi celebration instead of waiting for the Chinese New Year.

  It's fun when making the Tangyuan cause you can make it round using you palm. I like to "play" with it :) while helping out my mom. But I very seldom do that anymore after I come to KL (Cause lazy to go back hometown :P).

  Last year I went back just before the celebration but also didn't get to celebrate as I need to go back to KL before the celebration day. However, my mom did cook Tangyuan just for me :D (& my bf). And my mom pack for me the ingredients for me to bring back to KL to cook (as my bf want). I did cook Tangyuan last year but it was such a havoc as I need to prepare and cook by myself [with my bf playing games in the room :(]. That's I decided not to do that again this year. Hahaha...

  Since I don't want to go thru the process again, me and my bf planned to buy Tangyuan from pasar malam to eat [we used to buy Tangyuan from pasar malam to eat for fun]. But don't know the plan will success or not as today got pasar malam at Taman Connaught but not sure whether got sell Tangyuan or not. And furthermore, my bf is on noon shift today so don't know whether he is free tonight or not.

  Yesterday while I'm playing online game, around 11.30pm, suddenly my bf called just to ask whether I sleep already or not and asked me not to sleep first. So I continued with my game while waiting for him. When he got back home, he still don't want to let me know why he asked me not to sleep first. Then suddenly he put a box in front of me... Ohhhh... It's a box of Tangyuan with tou fu fah[what we normally buy].

  Well... He scared that he is unable to make it today so when he saw that someone is selling it, so he bought it. Hahaha... So I don't need to keep asking him what time he will be free to go to pasar malam. Ohh... How sweet is that~~

Friday, December 17, 2010


  This morning I saw an advertisement in The Sun about StarbucksThey are celebrating their 12th years anniversary and they are going to give out a complimentary cup of freshly brewed coffee from 10am - 12pm today..!!!

  Unfortunately, I'm not coffee drinker. If not, sure I'll go and get one for myself. Hehehe... How nice if they are giving out the chocolate drink free... ^^ 100% I'll go get one. My bf is a occasional coffee drinker [previously is heavy drinker but he cut down the drink just for me *^.^*] but he is in his sweet dream now.. >.< So he can't go get the complimentary drink from Starbucks.

  I also know that they are giving out 2011 planner this year for those who have collects 12 stamps. I have 2010 planner but don't think I will go and collect it this year. Cause need to spend alots of money[to buy their drinks which is at least 12]. Further more, I still haven't use the 2010 planner yet. >.< Hopefully I'll use it in 2011. :D

  Thinking of Starbucks, it reminds alot of things. I'm not really keen on Starbucks drinks previously as I'm not a coffee drinker and it's quite expensive too.. However, I always get free Starbucks for drink. ^^ I got treated alots of times on Starbucks from my ex-colleagues from my previous job. Well... In my previous job, we can get discounts from Starbucks[that's why I'm afford to collect 2010 planner].

  Starbucks got their year end drinks and I bought it for my bf. He like some of it very much and now he missed it very much. ^^ I'll buy 1 for him and 1 for me so that's how I have collected 2010 planner. ^^

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Free Download Full Version PC Games

  I don't really keen on online games but I love PC games especially full version games. Unfortunately, all the full version games need to pay so I'm very disappointed as I couldn't afford to pay for it.

  So, what I did is, I go Google see if there is any website for free download. Finally.. Tada.. I found a blog that I can download free PC games... [even though it need to go to the advertisement before I can download the games]. You can go to the blog Free Full Version Games Download and take a look at it. Well.. Most of the old posts of game can't download already and only those that is new like few months back can be download. But I still love it.. Cause it's free!!!!!

  But I don't think everyone will like it cause most of the games are time management, hidden objects or puzzles games. If you are looking for RPG or shooting games, then this is not a website for you.

  Most of my games I downloaded from this blog and I enjoyed it very much...

cOunTinG dOwn ~ ChRisTm@s & nEw yE@r ~ less th@n 15 d@ys

  Don't know why I'm doing the countdown. @.@ Normally I will only countdown for my holiday and special days. Still got 8 days before Christmas and 15 days before New Year. So fast 2010 only left 15 days before it ends.
  This year it goes by very fast. So fast that is nearly 1/2 year I left my old job... And with my new job. All the excitement about the new job has gone. All seem like routine job for me already and it's boring. Anyway... I'm still happy with the current job compare to previous job. ^_^

  My bf's family and my family don't really celebrate Christmas nor New Year so basically nothing to do. Don't need to go back mine or his hometown. =.= Don't know whether it's good or bad. :P I think I'll spend then next 15 days of 2010 at home.. Playing online game. ^^ I used to play this game using my bf character but 2 days back I registered 1 for myself. ^^ Starting a new character is fun but my bf keep giving me advice even when I didn't ask for it and this annoyed me. >.<

  So I think my 2010 will be ending with playing games/watching movies at home[so bored]. =.= Yet, I'm lazy to go too... Cause everywhere will be pack of human. Don't think I'll be one of them.

  Yeah... Just remembered that there will be another celebration before Christmas [limited to Chinese only ^^] and that's Tang Yuan festival which is on 22 Dec. I still remember last year I cooked the Tang Yuan and all of it become very big size. >.< Don't think I'll make it again this year. Don't know this year my bf want to eat or not. Even he want, I also not sure where to buy all the ingredients. -.-" Last year I went back to hometown and all the ingredients is prepared by my parent. ^.^ I only responsible to cook. I think maybe I will just buy those already ready made. Ahem ahem.. Ready cook. So that I don't need to cook.

  Anyway.. A new year is going to start soon and I still don't have any resolution for that year [except to get rid of 20 kgs of fat from my body]. But I really hope that everything will be just fine[more money and less work]. ^^ I think everyone is the same.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Busy Day~~

  Today is a busy day for me... Still got 1 1/2 hours I'm going back but I still got alot of works which I haven't done yet. Worse part is I got headache right now...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas is Coming in 11 days!!!!

Christmas is coming to Town....

Merry Christmas to Everyone~~~!!! ^^

How nice if Santa Claus is really exist

  I don't really celebrate Christmas but it's public holiday so it's nice. My department have just organized an exchange present event last Friday. The worst part is I don't know what to buy~~~ >.< But finally managed to get 1 in the end.

  Alot of my colleagues is celebrating Christmas therefore alot of them on long long leave already. Most of them took leave for more than 1 week[Planning to do this on CNY if allow ^^]. Wishes all of them Merry Christmas..!!! But this causing those still working have more workload than ever...

  Previously I used to go to club on Christmas Eve[just for the sake of going clubbing and not for celebration]. But since I have cut off clubbing from my routine work... I think I'll stay home with my bf then. So lazy to go out since everywhere will be full of HUMAN. Hehehe... But still have no plan yet. At first thought of going to Genting (^^) and my bf is very excited about it but the plan have to change cause no longer going to Bentong on the next day[to pick up my bf's aunt & brother]. So Genting trip is postpone to next year.

  Feel want to go clubbing on Christmas's Eve now... But I can't cause I got things to do the next day. Hmmm... Maybe I should go on Christmas night [horified while thinking about it as I know for sure all the clubs will be pack like hell and in the end I'll not enjoy it]. Double thought, I will give up the thought of going to club. Hahaha... Maybe I should just stick to stay at home plan. ^^ To continue to watch my favourite anime. And I think I better get back to my work before my boss know I used my working time to blog. :D

Hohoho!!!! Wish all of you Merry Christmas~~~!!!

Another 17 days 2010 going to END~~~

  Wow wow... Year 2010 is going to end and I realised that this year is a boring year for me but pretty much changes too(gain alot of weights)..

  My 2011 resolution is to lose weight before CNY. I think I need to lose about 20kgs before CNY..!!!?? [OMG!!! Don't think I can make it...] Hopefully my enthusiasm can maintain until so long... Hahaha... [I'm typical 3 minutes type people which do things only can maintain for few days]

  Plan to buy new clothes after lose weight. Didn't really buy clothes after gained weight and still haven't think of what kind of clothes to wear for CNY. Maybe will go for window shopping 1st since I still haven't lose weight.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chat Box

I just learned to create a chat box in my blog. Click here to create your own. :)
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