Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tomorrow is Holiday~~~!!!

  Yeah~~~ Tomorrow is Public Holiday!!!

  I didn't know that tomorrow is Public Holiday as I'm not fancy about football and even my bf[who is a football fan] also don't know. Maybe this is due to we did not listen to radio when we are at home.

  This morning the people is very excited but I still don't know what is going on until a customer informed me that our PM announced tomorrow(31/12/2010) is holiday due to Malaysia won the AFF cup over Indonesia~~ So I asked my colleagues, my bf and my sister. My bf still don't know yet and my sister not sure whether her company going to have the holiday or not.

  I was so excited too but also not sure whether my company going to announce it or not. So all my colleagues and me waiting for the email of the announcement. We all only guessing but not sure whether our HR will announce or not cause our HR very "stingy" on holiday. Why I mentioned they are "stingy" is because of other reason but I don't want to mention it now as not sure whether they will change or not later. ^^ Hopefully they will.

  After a small chat with my colleague at the pantry, I haven't back to my place yet as I need to answer a personal call 1st. When I'm back to my place, my colleague PMed me to ask me to check email... Because our HR just announced that tomorrow is Public Holiday for us too~~~ Yeah yeah yeah~~~~ I'm so excited.

  Don't know what to do tomorrow as suddenly tomorrow is a holiday. Maybe will go shopping with my bf as he been talking about for quite sometime and everytime I lazy to go out. Arhhhh... So headache now as don't know what to do tomorrow. Suddenly feel want to go clubbing tonight. Hehehe.. I'll think about it later. Have to concentrate on my work now so that I can finish it by today. :)


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