Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas day this Saturday ~~

  Wow... So fast only left 2 days before Christmas already...

Thought of going to attend for a wedding in Perak but after my bf did an "aggressive" survey on the place - Selama, Perak, he pursuaded me to go on Sunday. He said the place is very dangerous at night, no signal, the road is very narrow, very hard to drive and even the local don't even used the road after 5pm as the area is very easy to get flooded. More worse, he said that his colleague told him that if lucky will see monkeys on the road, more lucky will see snakes, even more lucky will see elephant and most lucky will meet with tiger... =.= [Not sure whether it's true or not] Anyway, the plan is cancelled due to another person can't make it and the cost of going there is way too expensive. So we decided to buy present for her instead.

  Anyway, still got no plan yet for Christmas night. But I'm thinking to have a plan on the next day. I'm thinking of going SPA with my bf [if he want]. There is a coupon from of RM 50 which you can enjoy for the SPA. Below is what can get from a total treatment of 2 1/2 hours: -
  1. Body ScrubCosmo De Beaute Studio
  2. Choose Aromatherapy Full Body Massage
    Ginger Slimming Massage
  3. Aromatherapy Jacuzzi Spa
  4. Ginger Body Care
  5. RM 20 Voucher
Cosmo De Beaute Studio
  Click here to take a look on the deal. Have to act fast before the deal is closed. Since the coupon is valid from 26 Dec 2010 - 26 Mar 2011 so I'm thinking going on 26 Dec. :)

  Well... Have to wait until I discuss with my bf 1st. :( [Wonder who can give me more suggestion on what to do - cause lazy to think about it already :P]


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