Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 days before New Year

  Wow... So fast the time passby and it's only left 3 days of 2010.

  So fast I'm going to be 1 year older. Really.. Time don't wait for people. How I wish there is a machine call "Time Stopper" so that I can stop the time anytime and anywhere I want. But it's just a dream.

  There is so many plans for 2011 but not sure whether it will go as it planned as there is too many uncertainty. Example, I'm on diet now but I'm still craving for food even I tried control it very hard. The worst past if my bf will keep ask me to eat eat & eat.... Haihz... Not sure my diet plan will success or not. OK, need to stop that for now, I mean the topic. Hahaha... Even with alot of uncertainty and lack of confidence, I still want to make sure that I make it. :)

  Alot of my friends married this year and I didn't even attend it. Well.. Most of the reason is they didn't invite me.[Hahaha... For sure as they are unable to contact me :P] I have always missing in action and only turn up on CNY. I'm not sure why has this been my habit. Well... I planned to contact back my school mates but I don't have their contact number so I'm thinking of having FB to stay contact with them[since I don't have 1 yet :D]. Everyone is surprised when I told them that I don't have FB and they don't believed me. Erm... There is a reason behind this. I used to be very active in friendster and tagged but I got bored already. That's why I'm lazy to get 1 FB for myself. I used to play mg bf's account but I stopped due to we have a huge quarrel about I'm addicted to FB[in fact I was using his PC to play FB's games and cause him can't use]. It's always about funny reasons we got quarrel but don't have the resolution to change it in 2011 :P.

  Hopefully everythings go well in 2011~~ For everyone :)


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