Thursday, December 16, 2010

cOunTinG dOwn ~ ChRisTm@s & nEw yE@r ~ less th@n 15 d@ys

  Don't know why I'm doing the countdown. @.@ Normally I will only countdown for my holiday and special days. Still got 8 days before Christmas and 15 days before New Year. So fast 2010 only left 15 days before it ends.
  This year it goes by very fast. So fast that is nearly 1/2 year I left my old job... And with my new job. All the excitement about the new job has gone. All seem like routine job for me already and it's boring. Anyway... I'm still happy with the current job compare to previous job. ^_^

  My bf's family and my family don't really celebrate Christmas nor New Year so basically nothing to do. Don't need to go back mine or his hometown. =.= Don't know whether it's good or bad. :P I think I'll spend then next 15 days of 2010 at home.. Playing online game. ^^ I used to play this game using my bf character but 2 days back I registered 1 for myself. ^^ Starting a new character is fun but my bf keep giving me advice even when I didn't ask for it and this annoyed me. >.<

  So I think my 2010 will be ending with playing games/watching movies at home[so bored]. =.= Yet, I'm lazy to go too... Cause everywhere will be pack of human. Don't think I'll be one of them.

  Yeah... Just remembered that there will be another celebration before Christmas [limited to Chinese only ^^] and that's Tang Yuan festival which is on 22 Dec. I still remember last year I cooked the Tang Yuan and all of it become very big size. >.< Don't think I'll make it again this year. Don't know this year my bf want to eat or not. Even he want, I also not sure where to buy all the ingredients. -.-" Last year I went back to hometown and all the ingredients is prepared by my parent. ^.^ I only responsible to cook. I think maybe I will just buy those already ready made. Ahem ahem.. Ready cook. So that I don't need to cook.

  Anyway.. A new year is going to start soon and I still don't have any resolution for that year [except to get rid of 20 kgs of fat from my body]. But I really hope that everything will be just fine[more money and less work]. ^^ I think everyone is the same.


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