Friday, January 28, 2011

My Lunch At Banker's Club Yesterday

Yesterday my office sales team is having their sales convention at Banker's Club. The event is for whole day but unfortunately, I'm not one of the "lucky" person to be invited to the event. Well.. I'm not from sales team so I'm not going to that event. Though, 2 of my colleagues are selected to join the whole day event as they got themself an award ^^

OK.. Enough of the event cause I don't know much about it.. Hahaha... As I mentioned earlier that only 2 of my colleagues are invited, the sales team is still kind enough to let the whole team to join in for lunch. Yet, cause we need to back up all the calls >.< so we have to separated into 2 groups to go at each time which is 1 group for 12 pm and another for 1 pm.

So... I'm in the group for 12 pm ^^ We leave office at about 11.50 am and go there by monorail. We only know that the place is opposite of Times Square. The place sound so familiar to me but I just couldn't remember exactly the place :P So [ahem] I'm bring them to roughly the place I thought it would be and YAY~~ I got the place correctly :)

When we reach there, they haven't start the lunch yet. We are [actually it's only me :P] excited while waiting for the lunch. We not sure what we are going to have for lunch ^^

1st... We got a bread for starter. It's round, small [not really very small] and hot. When I put on the butter, the butter melted. Ooooo.. It's yummy. Sorry, I don't have a picture to post it here.

2nd... We got a cream soup. The creme is thick and creamy. It got some shredded meat inside. Well.. I think that is chicken [in my opinion from the taste] ^^ Overall.. This soup is nice. I finised the whole of it :)

Main Course
3rd... We got the main course. Basically, my colleague is guessing that this is salmon >.< Which in fact this is fish. OMG... FISH.... >.< When I saw it, that's my reaction. I was thinking whether can I change it or not but didn't really ask it cause everyone is having the same meal. Ohhhhhh... You must be asking why. So.. I'm telling you this that I DON'T eat fish >.< There is only some certain fish products that I eat but I couldn't list it out now but this is definitely not in the list :'( I was really disappointed that time but I got no choice so I just have to eat it.. Haihz.. Yes, I ate it [forced myself to do so] but couldn't finish it exactly. In the end, I'm suffering for the smell [which I couldn't stand] for the whole day after that. Ahem.. Whole day would be over but it's truth for the next few hours after the lunch >.<

After the main course, the sales team is giving away awards. Yes, awards to staffs. There is a lot of awards they are giving out. We are supposed to go back at 1 pm when the next group arrived but our manager informed us that we could go back after the desert so we are waiting for the desert. Unfortunately, the desert didn't come and it's like they are waiting for the awards ceremony to finish before they serve. We only half way of the awards [not sure it's half way or not] then we decided to go back already cause it's already very late >.<

Hahaha... In fact, we didn't straight go back to the office after we left. We went to Times Square to buy some ice-creams. Hehehe.. It's my colleague that want to buy. So we spend a little bit time on that. After that we go back to office by monorail. We reached office at about 2 pm ^^

You know what? When the 2nd group come back to office, they actually bring the desert back for us ^^

It's so nice of them to "tapao" the desert back to us. The cake is not bad [in my opinion again ^^]. Yet, still can't compare with Secret Recipe's cake which is some of their cake are my favourite.

So this is the lunch I have yesterday. And, what do you have yesterday? Or maybe any events that you would like to show/tell?? You are welcome to do show. ^^

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hell Candy Make Up's Giveaway

Another giveaway for today ^^

Guess what's that attracted me (again~~!!!) to this giveaway??




You are right~~!! It's the Urban decay Naked Palette~~~!!! Hohohoho.. I think any giveaway that come with this palette will get my entry ^^ This palette is in my wishlist so you can figure out how eager I'm to get this palette on my hand.

Oh.. You too??? Then don't wait. This giveaway is going to end on 4th Feb. Click here to know how to join this giveaway ^^

Good luck~~!!!

Thanks to Hell Candy Make Up to have this giveaway~~~!!!

Laura's MAC Giveaway

It's been quite sometimes I didn't enter any giveaway. [Reason: Lazy ^^]

I found another attacted me (again!!) to join which is Laura's giveaway that is giving out 5 (not 1) MAC lipsticks of your choice ^^

Hohoho... This give me an excuse (Ahem..) to join this giveaway. Don't you think so???

So what are you waiting for...??? Click here to check it out.

This giveaway is going to end on 31 Jan 2011. Good luck ^^

Thanks to Laura~~!!!

66% off Manicure + Pedicure + Cool Mint Mask for Feet @ Colours Cabin Nail Spa & Beauty

Hey... Are you thinking of having manicure and pedicure? Yes but on second thought because of the price? Well... is having an offer price for manicure and pedicure which is RM 39.90~~

Yes, RM 39.90 for Manicure, Pedicure and Cool Mint Mask for Feet which is worth RM 120~~!!!

What you can get when you purchase the Everyday coupon:
Manicure (NP - Female : RM 35, Male : RM 55)
Pedicure (NP - Female : RM 45, Male : RM 65)
Cool Mint Mask for feet (NP - RM 40)

T & C for the coupon:

© First trial only, but can buy multiple as gift for family & friends
© Prior appointment is required
© Female only. For Male, need to top-up RM 20 at the shop; Male normal price is RM160 instead of RM 120
© Coupon valid from 12 Feb - 30 Apr 2011
© See Universal Terms that apply to all Everyday Coupons.

The Company
Colours Cabin Nail Spa & Beauty
70A, First Floor, Jalan SS21/62,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-77297818 - Ms Racheal will be attending to your enquiries about this deal

Business Hour:
Mon - Fri 11am - 8pm
Sat - Sun 10am - 7pm
(Closed on Tue)

Interested?? So what are you waiting for?? Click here to get the offer ^^ Thanks to
 P/S: All images above are taken from

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ooopppsss... I did it again~~

Oooppsss... I did it again >.<

Stop...!!! Don't think of something else ^^

All I want to say is I think I have to admit that I'm shopaholic >.< OK... It's not like it happened every month [oooo.. how I hope so ^^] but just once a while. It's been quite a time I didn't shop for clothes [no money >.< no time]. Been busy with work and lazy to go out from my house after work or weekend hence not much shopping is done last year.

Well.. In my earlier post, I mentioned that I still missed out a jean so I went for it during my lunch time. Ahem... But the 1st time I'm looking is not jean >.< Well.. Some office wears [Oh no... Clothes again]. I know, I know. I already bought few the week earlier and last Sunday. I have also told myself to stop shop for clothes.

So in the end, I'm managed pursuade myself to buy only jean [Ahem.. 2 jean(s) ^^] and another jacket [it's clothes but it's zip type so it's jacket. Hahaha...]. Well... It's sales time [Chinese New Year is coming], man, so I just have to pamper myself once a while ^^

Oh oh oh... I saw some shoes too... *drooling* It's like RM50 for 1 pair so I need to think 1st before I buy cause I don't want to over my budget >.< But should be OK if only for 1 pair ^^ Well.. I was looking for something around RM20 - RM30 but if can't [I'm choosy ^^], then I'll get that RM50 one.. Hehehe..

Ooohhhh... I just can't stop it >.< I think I'm going to spoilt myself again soon... *Instinct*

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fashion and Beauty Blog Giveaways

I received an email from the blog owner Fashion and Beauty Blog Giveaways yesterday about their blog. The blog is just official launch on last Friday.

The blog offered 2 main benefits. Firstly it lists fashion and beauty giveaways, in which you can enter and win fabulous prizes. Secondly by featuring your own giveaway on their site, you can attract 100's of visitors to you own blog.

So it help advertise your giveaways and to also be kept up to date with all the fantabulous giveaways of today. You can just find or submit your giveaways by clicking the red banner at the top of their page.

Furthermore, they are giving out awards to those featuring their favourite blogs in regular post. And, to become a member is totally free.

"This blog list some of the available giveaways on various fashion and beauty blogs around the globe. It's a great way to enter lots of free giveaways to win some fabulous prizes, but it's also great to feature you giveaway here as it will attract more visitors to your blog, resulting in more followers."
Above is quote from here.

If you want to know more about this, go to Fashion and Beauty Blog Giveaways to check out.


I went for shopping at Sg Wang yesterday and it's very tiring. Not long after I reached home, I fall asleep. >.<

We reached there around 11.41am so I can go to Watson Sg Wang to exchange for the Vichy Essentielles Cleanser. The exchange time is from 12pm-2pm. I'm like the 13th person to exchange [cause I got number 63 - assumed from 50 bottles per day and it's 2nd day] but mostly the person in front of me are those working in Watson >.< cause they worried if they will be excuse of stealing things. Got 1 person asked me about it whether need to bring the bottle of cleanser or what. I think she just get to know about it when she passby cause she don't have any cleanser with her. I think this is normal for those who don't go there often unless you get know from other website. I knew about it from You might want to check the website out cause it can get you updated on other promotions that's going on around you ^^ I get to know alot of other promotions available from the website too..

I haven't got the chance to use it yet[I might want to post a review about it later after I use]. I got 2 of it [1 for me and another for my bf. Yes, he followed me so that I can get 2 as he only use gel wash] and I'm thinking of give it to my mom & sis to use it. If they got empty cleanser, I might want to get it from them and exchange it again on 13 Feb at Watson Jusco Cheras Selatan ^^ so I can get 1 for myself.

So go get 1 for yourself. All you need to do is just bring a [empty] cleanser of at least 50ml in size and go to the outlet stated below on the date & time to exchange. It's absolutely free which is worth of RM25. Ahem.. I'm not sure this is suitable for any type of skin or not but the salesgirl informed me this is suitable to male and female but what's the harm of try this out as it's free. If it's not suitable for you, then you can give it away to someone else ^^ Erm... The image below informed that got free skin diagnosis and trial size but not when I'm there. The salesgirl inform me that's no more samples/trial and there wasn't any skin diagnosis as there is only got 1 salesgirl. Not sure is this also happened at other outlets.

After that, both of us already hungry like hell. And my bf want to go to the Causeway Bay Restaurant at Low Yat Plaza for lunch [he is very fond of Chinese foods and especially Hong Kong styles]. When we are there, the restaurant is not found at the location that I could remember of so I suspected that they closed down that outlet. So we went to another Hong Kong style restaurant that is at the LG floor. The restaurant's name is 港饮港吃[don't remember the English name]. My bf ordered 麻婆豆腐饭[Ma Po Dou Fu Rice] & 奶茶[tea] and I ordered Singapore fried mee hoon[cause don't feel want to have rice]. Overall, the foods is quite ok and my bf like his drink very much ^^.

After the lunch, we went back to Sg Wang for shop. We planned to buy few clothes for my bf and jean skirt for me. In the end, we bought few clothes [2 for him and 2 for me ^^ I just couldn't stop shopping for myself after so long] and some junk foods :P. I asked my bf to look for a jean for himself but either he don't like the patents or doesn't has his size >.< so unable to get himself 1. Same for me so I'm going to get a jean from Sogo [Sogo is having sales now]. I think I'll go for it tomorrow as I got lunch date today with my colleagues ^^[Well.. She resigned so we planned to have lunch together before her last day].

Before we going to Times Square [where we park the car], we walked for the last time to see got any other shops. We were passing by a beauty shop[for manicure & pedicure] and I saw a lady is doing threading there. I'm so excited and I asked for the price. It's RM10 [not sure whether worth it or not] for the threading and another RM10 to trim my eyebrows [which really need it]. This is my 1st experience. And OUCH... It's very painful and my tear nearly come out [I tried to hold back]. Until now I still got a bit of pain on my face. After the threading, my face is very smooth. Oh... How I love that feeling... But not sure whether I want to do it again or not cause of the pain. Well... I'm just curious and would like to try it out. So I did ^^ What an experience.

Both of us are exhausted and very tired already so I decided to go back ^^ But before we go back, my bf bought something for me [which I will reveal after CNY ^^] It's been quite sometimes I didn't go to Sg Wang & Times Square and there is a bit of changes [just a bit ^^ not  much]. But it's still full of people [as usual on weekend]. Ahhhh... How I missed the shopping life~~

So what have you done on your last weekend? Stay at home? Shopping? Or out of town? Share with me ^^ & I'm happy to hear about it~~

Friday, January 21, 2011


Have you ever think of what is love©??
Basically, what is love? Do you ever found the answer?

How do you know it's love? Because you missed that person? Because you care for that person? Because you can't get rid of that person from your mind? Or what is it?

I know, I know, I know. It's complicated. Everyone will have different perception about love.

Do you think you only love 1 person at a time? Or you can love many people at the same time? So what you say/think?

Why human never satisfied with what they already got/have/owned? I know this is a desire that every human will have, even I also got but yet I still don't know why. [Maybe I should stop asking "why" =.=] Maybe because this desire will push to work harder? Play harder? Think harder? Hmm... So that you can have/own something better...?? Well... It's ok but not so ok if it's regards a relationship. Some people tend to have 2 or more [you know what]. So is that mean that person can love 2 people at 1 time? Or just to satisfied some sort of "desire"? Hahaha.. I never could figure out that.

People alway say Love is complicated. Yes.. Indeed I very agreed with that but relationship is far more complicated than love >.< Cause it's not only involve with love but with tolerance and care too.. [and other that you could list of]. It's easy to fall in love but it's never easy to maintain a relationship..

Let me ask you a question.. Will you leave the one you love know for someone else? Or somethings else? Which is much much better than the one that you have now...

Ok, ok.. I know the answer. "Depends on situations" Hahaha... Guess so.. [If you have different answer then seriously you must let me know cause I'm curious ^^]

Guess that's all for today ^^ Hmm.. Will ask again when got new questions... Hahaha..

P/S Just out of sudden have this kind of questions pop into my mind. I always have this kind of questions but never got the answer >.< No matter in or out of relationship.©

Lazy Day~~

This few days I'm very lazy to post anything~~~ >.<

Yesterday is Public Holiday for Malaysia celebrating Thaipusam ^^ And I spend the whole day at home doing nothing >.<

I'm supposed to clean up the room and do some laundry but not in the mood. My housemate is using the washing machine and I can't use so totally not in the mood to do anything then... [Oh.. When I'm going to change this habit? Need time.. Hahaha.. :P]

Well.. I also planned to go shop for some groceries but due to [ahem] my laziness [again] I cancelled it. Another reason is my bf doesn't feel well and he slept the whole night >.< So I just stay at home playing FB and watching anime ^^

So what you do when you on holiday?? I mean just for 1 day holiday. Since I'm working today, so it's for 1 day holiday... And I'm going off again tomorrow ^^ [So lazy to come back to work for 1 day >.< but what to do..]

Thursday, January 13, 2011

RNEST's giveaway - Closed

A new giveaway~~ A Quilted Journal Cover ^^

This one good. Something that I never have before or seen before.

I'm trying my luck to get this home. What about you? If you want, click here to know how you can get this home ^^ I think you will love it the moment you got it~~

Try now~~!! Don't wait. It's going to end on 18 Jan 2011 ^^

Good luck everyone ^^ Including me~~

Thanks to RNEST~~!!!

The winners are announced. Click here to check whether are you one of them ^^

Congrats to the winners~~

Devore le Beau Monstre's Giveaway~~ Closed

Oh my gosh~~ Did you see that fox tail?? Isn't that cute?

Oh~~ I'm so going to get one. You also want it? Hehe.. You can try your luck here. Don't miss it. It's going to end on 23 Jan ^^

This is open to International. So don't worry ^^

Thanks to Stacey such a cute giveaway ^_^

The winner for this giveaway already announced. Click here to check it out ^^

Bunny's Giveaway

Well... I have been thinking since I saw this giveaway... Think about what? Erm... Definitely think about which prize that I want ^_^ I couldn't make up the choice between beauty & cutie

Finally, I have decided. What about you? What? You still want to think about it? Ok.. But you only got chance until 24 Jan 2011 so you better don't miss it~~

Click here to know more about the giveaway.

Good luck~~

Thanks to Bunny for such beauty & cutie prizes ^^

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review ~ My Laptop - ASUS A52JC

I have wanted to do this since last month but lazy to upload the pictures therefore postponed until today ^^ I bought this laptop in November 2010~~
Open up
This is where I normally put my laptop.

Close down ~ front
 Just to show how it look like ^_^
Some of the specs
Don't think can read properly :P
With 2 applications running concurrently - PPTV & Ten Online Game
Been doing this almost all of the time ^^ & I'm loving it cause it won't hang~~
2 Ten Online Game running concurrently with PPTV still running
I have been using my old laptop, Acer, for the pass 4 years. And I started to hate it so much when I'm playing games. I like to play PC games and I could stick to the game for the whole day ^^ But it started to give me problem. It'll hang and all the records gone~~ Aarrhhhhhhhhhhh... I have to replay again. 1st time, I'm cool. 2nd time, nvm. 3rd TIME, it's KILLING ME~~!!! It's not only 1 game but few games. OMG~~ I really can't take it~~~

Fine~~ I decided not to play games already. I watch movies online using PPTV. I wanted to download movies but~~~ Due to limited hard disc[which is 80GB], I'm unable to do so. Whenever I want to download movies, I need to delete the old one 1st. I used up most of the space with my games and songs already so I got no choice.

My bf keep said want to reformat my laptop and I don't allow cause I got alot of applications that I want & couldn't afford to lost it *sob sob* I think this also cause my laptop to work very slow.

One day, I saw Dell leaflet on the table in the pantry and it attracted my attention to take a look of it. So I took it and read it. Wow... RM2k++ for a new laptop and with other specializations. It really attracted me. What I do after that is to go to Dell website to check it out.

Since then, my mind keep thinking of having new laptop. I already targetted Dell laptop Inspiron 15R. Click here to know about it. Planned to get it in short term. What really attract me is with RM2K++, I could get i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, 1GB for the graphic, 15" and the most is the 500GB hard disc. Just imagine how many things I could keep with that amount of memory ^_^

I told my bf about my plan and want to shop online. Hahaha... Guess what? My bf is really a typical, conservative guy. He don't believe in online shopping ^^ He persuaded me not to buy at that moment and wait since I still got my laptop to use. Well.. He really talked me out of it so I just keep the plan. Ahem.. Not entirely.. Hahaha.. Cause almost everday I go to Dell website to check out the price ^^ I even tried to Google it for the price that is for the same laptop in the market. Well.. Definitely the price is higher than Dell.

I'm so bored so I decided to play game again. Again~~~ The game hang and all the records gone *sob sob sob* I really can't stand it and complainted to my bf. So my bf suggested us to go survey the price 1st before shop online. Who knows got better offer out there. He even contacted his friends to ask which brand better. Hahaha.. He is such adorable ^^

We went to Low Yat Plaza to survey. I wanted to have the same spec as Inspiron 15R. We went to each and every floor to survey the price. For few hours. Lastly we got to this booth, the salesman intro me ASUS A52JC [as not much brand got 15" size] and he quote us the price lower than Dell. Wow.. It's so tempting. But.. We didn't decide on the spot. We still go around to survey on the same model but all the price is still higher. In the end, we decided to buy this ^^

I'm so excited when I got this laptop. My bf even more excited than me.. Hahaha.. After talking for so much I still haven't got into the topic :P

Ok.. Stop rushing me... So here you go..

CPU: Intel Core i5-460M, 2.53Ghz
VGA: nVIDIA GeForce 310
Display: 15.6" HD
HDD: 500GB
RAM: 2GB [ I add another 2GB so total 4GB ]
Wireless: 802.11n + BT
OS: Win7 Premium
Want to know more on the specialization? Click here

You know online games need to use up alot of RAM and graphic so it'll cause the laptop/PC to be slow. Well.. With this laptop I got no issue at all. I can even run 2 of the online games concurrently with my PPTV running and it won't hang ^^ I love it~~ This is probably due to the i5 processor. Refer here for more info about i5 and you will know why I choose i5 but I think will be slightly different as this is for 2nd generation. i7 is too high tech and not neccessary for me ^_^

It's spacious with the 500GB HDD. Wow.. How many movies,songs, pictures and games I could keep?? Hehehe.. Don't ask me as I still got alot of space and don't know when I'll use up ^^

The graphic is nice and you can choose which program you want to run with nVIDIA or with built in VGA. The speaker is loud too.. I don't need extra external speakers ^^ It's running very quiet. Sometimes I'm not sure whether it's running or not. Hahaha..

Basically, this laptop is perfect for me. Ahem.. Almost perfect. This is because only recently I found out that this laptop doesn't have built in bluetooth. I thought it got so that I could just bluetooth things from my phone to this laptop without using the cable but... Haihz.. Well.. Can't do much about it. Unless I really want it, then I think I have to buy external bluetooth then ^^

I would recommend this laptop to anyone except extreme heavy user on graphics and games. This is good for those who surf net, do their normal online, watch movies/dramas, play games etc... Well.. This is affordable so it's good for those who have low budget. If you got higher budget than RM3K then you can go for higher specializations ^^ This is just my mere opinions.

P/S: Above is just my feeling and experience. This is not a paid advertisement. If you got any questions about my experience, feel free to do so. But if you got questions or complaints on the products, please refer back to ASUS as I do not represent them in any form.

Giveaway from The BoldNBeautifulMakeup

Another giveaway that I would like to share with you all~~

This giveaway is going to end on 1 Feb 2011 so you better be quick ^^

Click here to know how to join this giveaway ^^ Thanks to The BoldNBeautifulMakeup for such nice giveaway

Good Luck in trying~~!!

CNY Cookies~

Hap Tao Sao
Green Pea
CNY is coming soon in 3 weeks time but I still haven't done my shopping yet~~

My bf & me planned to go to shop clothes this Sunday at Sungei Wang and Times Square. Hopefully we can finish to shop in 1 day ^^

What are the cookies above? Oh.. I forgot about that.. Hahaha.. Those cookies are made by my bf's aunt. Every year he get all these cookies. Well.. His aunt is very good at it and she sell it too.. Unfortunately I don't know the price. If you want, you can let me know and I'll ask about the price for you ^^

My favourites are the pineapple and almond ^^ Yum yum~~ Can't wait to eat it~~ Can you imagine? Me, 1 person finish the whole tin =D That's what I did last year~~

Cassie's E.L.F Giveaway - Closed

Cassie is having her 1st giveaway~~

What? You would like to know more about it? Want to enter the giveaway?

Sure.. Click here to check it out ^^ Don't forgot to share with you if you win~~

But definitely I won't share with you when I win.. *laugh evilly* :P This giveaway is going to end on 15 Jan and the winner will be announce on 17 Jan. So faster go check it out while you can :)

Good luck ^^ For me too

Thanks to Cassie for such lovely giveaway~~

The winner is announced ^^ Click here to check.

Brittanylove's Valentine Day Big Giveaway~~

Look at the picture above~~ Do you like it?? Do you want it??

Well.. You can get it free if you win. Don't believe me? I'm kidding?? Definitely it's a big NO NO~~ Why should I be kidding about this?

If you still don't believe me, click here to know how you can win this home ^^

I don't mind if you don't want cause you are definitely going to be jealous of me when I win this ^^

So what are you waiting for???

Good luck trying~~

A big thanks to BrittanyLove to have such a lovely Valentine's Giveaway

Oh yay.. Forgot to mention that this giveaway will be end on Valentine Day. Yes, you hear me right. It's 14 February 2011, Valentine Day ^^

WEVents Presents: An Intimate Affair

An Intimate Affair by WEVents
This event is on 27 Jan 2011, 6pm at Italiannies, 2nd Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley City

Click here to RSVP  or email before 14 Jan 2011

Registrations will be on a 1st come 1st serve basis and is only open to working women. Hehehe.. No chance for men ^^ I already registered for myself. So why wait?

The rate is RM 10 for WEVents Members and RM 30 for non-member. If you want to enjoy the member rate and you are not WEVents member yet, sign up here. You better act fast before 1 February 2011 because you are going to require to pay RM 50 for a lifetime membership if you sign up after that.

Want to know more about WEVent? Check out their website.

So tempting~~ Oh Chocolate~~

Oh~ Chocolate~
  For the past few days, I went for window shopping instead of having lunch cause I'm on diet. I just made myself milo before lunch time so that I won't fell hungry and looking for somethings to eat. Yes.. I'm skipping my lunch but definitely not leaving my stomach empty and hungry. What I do is I will make milo just before lunch[to make my stomach feel full] and buy some fruits to eat after lunch.

  Sure you are wondering how come I skipped my lunch instead of dinner. The story is I can't skipped my dinner >.< My bf would be expecting me to have dinner with him or at least must eat in evening[when he can't have dinner with me]. So I'm skipping my lunch without my bf knowing it ^^ He don't read this blog so I don't mind telling you. Hahaha... Shhh...

  So as usual, today I went for my window shopping too.. Well.. I have finished my crackers in the office so I would like to refill it therefore I went to the supermarket. I was looking arround to check got what items are on sales[as is near to CNY now]. I walk walk walk.. OMG~~~ Chocolate section~~ Ahhhh... I'm feeling that my saliva is going to drop out... I have to quickly go out from that section.

  *Sob sob* All the chocolates is so tempting and is calling me to eat them. Arhhh... I'm going to be crazy soon... I hate it so much when I'm on diet. Haihz... Who ask me gain so much weight last year. *Sob sob*

  Hopefully this will pass very soon~~ Wish me luck on successfully diet~~ Erm.. Cut down my weight~~ Hahahaha...

MakeUp Maniac's 1st MAC & Sedonalace Giveaway~~

Yay~~ M.A.C & Sedonalace giveaway by Madiha aka Makeup Maniac

There will be 2 winners for this giveaway. The 1st prize is MAC paintpot, MAC lipstick & MAC eyeshadow of your choice. My choice would be MAC paintpot Bare Study, MAC lipstick Creme d' Nude & MAC eyeshadow Blanc Type. ^^

The 2nd prize would be One Sedonalace 88 palette of your choice (Matte, shimmer, warm, metal mania). Ahhh... It's so hard to choose. But I have choose shimmer ^^ my favourite type.

If you didn't get to win the 1st prize then you might have the chance to win the 2nd prize. So what are you waiting for?? Click here to check out how to join this giveaway. It's going to end on 28 Feb 2011 ^^

Good luck~~

Thanks to Madiha for this giveaway~~

Nada's Arabic Giveaway - Closed

Yay~~ Another giveaway to share with you all~~

You can check on Nada's review on the palette here

Does it attact you?? Yes?? ^^ The click here to check out how you can with the items in the pictures back home to use

I have already joined. So don't wait as it will end on 15 Jan which is 3 more days~~

Good luck~~

Thanks to Nada for having such a nice giveaway~~!!!

Check for the winner here. How I wish I'm the winner~~ Anyway... Congrats to who that win~~

Flecks's Giveaway

I want this~~

Finally I found 1 giveaway which is from Malaysia ^^ Mostly the giveaways I shared earlier is from overseas but they are so generous as they open it to International.

This 1 is also open to International as Flecks felt sorry that her previous giveaway is only for Malaysia~~ Ahhh... I didn't manage to join that giveaway so I want to join this 1...

What about you? After so many giveaways that I have shared, which 1 you wanted the most? Oh.. So you want to join this one too?? Hehehe.. Sure. Why not? Click here to go to her post and to know more about the giveaway~~

Good luck trying~~ [Me too ^^]

Thanks to Flecks~~

Curves Ahead's Giveaway~~

Another giveaway to share~~

This time is Naked pallet from Urban Decay. It's so tempting and I couldn't miss out this one so definitely I'm in too~~

What?? You also want? Hehehe... Definitely~~ Who doesn't want? Click here to know how to join this giveaway ^^

Thanks to Curves Ahead for such a nice giveaway~~

Wow~~ So many to share~~


Suddenly in my blog I got so many giveaways to share.

Ahem.. This is because I just won a giveaway few days back and I'm looking out for more giveaways to win ^^ Click here to check out the giveaway that I have won.

Wish me good luck ^^ so that I could win another giveaway


I wish you luck too in trying out the giveaways that I have shared earlier. More giveaways are coming on the way. I know it's not mine but I'll organise myself 1 in future ^^ so better check it out.

Few more giveaways I'm going to share with you all so you better stay tune ^^

Rachel's New Year Neutrals Giveaway - Closed

Another M.A.C giveaways~~

I'm in~~~!!! What about you?? Hehe.. Check it out at The Beauty Hall for how to join this giveaway~~ Hurry up..It's going to end on 22 Jan~~

Good luck~~

Thanks to Rachel for such a lovely giveaway~~

Owwww.. I'm not the winner of this M.A.C giveaway *sob sob*

Well.. Check here to know whether you are the winner or not. If you are the winner, congrats~~ [jealous]

Laurs 100th Giveaway - Closed

Wow.. 1 M.A.C Lipstick of your choice as a giveaway~~

My favourite choice is Creme d' Nude so what's your? Want to know how to join the giveaway??

Hehe.. Click here to know more on how to join the giveaway. You better act fast cause it's going to end on this Friday, 14 Jan 2011. ^^

Thanks to Laurs for the giveaway

This giveaway is closed already. The winner is already announced. Click here to check it~~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nea's January Giveaway

Wow~~ 100 eyeshadow palette for giveaway~~!!!

This is really tempting. Do you think so?? So what are you waiting for? Click here to know more about this giveaway by Nea.

This giveaway will end on 31 Jan. Good luck trying~~

Thanks to Nea for such awesome giveaway~~

JewelryBead's 1st Giveaway - Closed

Above items attract you?? Hehehe.. Items in the picture above are prizes for Jewelrybead's 1st Giveaway.

Would like to know more? Click here.

Good luck ^^

Thanks to Jewelrybead for the giveaway.

This giveaway already ended. Click here for the winner.

FunnyFaceBeauty's Giveaway - Closed

Wow wow wow.. This is definitely a giveaway that I would like to win. Wish me luck~~!!!

Well... I sharing this with you because the items in this giveaway are awesome.

To know more about this giveaway go to FunnyFaceBeauty post about this giveaway~~!!

Remember the giveaway ends on 11 Jan 2011 ^^

Thanks to FunnyFaceBeauty for such an awesome giveaway.

This giveaway is already closed. Now waiting for FunnyFaceBeauty to announce the winner ^^

Hopefully I'm the winner ^^ Yay

Latest update(21/1/11):
Everyone is waiting for FunnyFaceBeauty to announce the winner of this giveaway~~ Finally the time has come ^^ Click here to check who is the lucky winner..!!!

Sherrie's Giveaway

Another giveaway that I came about when I reading new blogs. As you read my previously post, I have just won myself a giveaway so I wanted to try out my luck again therefore the word 'giveaway' really attract me. Ahem... Even though I'm still excited about the giveaway but not all giveaways I wanted to join.

Look at the picture above. You can see got Lush, A can of the Batistes New Brit Dry Shampoo, Soap & Glory 'Hand Food' etc... Just to name a few of it.
 Tell me.. Who doesn't want it???? [Definitely not me cause I'm joining the giveaway ^^]

Want to know how to join? Click here to know more. ^^

So Good Luck everyone ^^ Including me.

Thanks to Sherrie for having such a nice giveaway to her blog readers

Nilufar New Year's Giveaway~~

Today when I was reading thru some new blogs [linked from other blogs], I came to this post about New Year's giveaway. As you read my previously post, I have just won myself a giveaway so I wanted to try out my luck again therefore the word 'giveaway' really attract me. Ahem... Even though I'm still excited about the giveaway but not all giveaways I wanted to join.

Look at the picture above. You can see there are alot of things from Eco Tools Eyeshading Brush, Eyeko Magic Bronzer Brush Rio to The Body Shop Rainforest Shampoo & Conditioner etc... Just to name a few of it.
 Tell me.. Who doesn't want it???? [Definitely not me cause I'm joining the giveaway ^^]

Want to know how to join? Click here to know more. ^^

So Good Luck everyone ^^ Including me.

Thanks to Nilufar for having such a nice giveaway to her blog readers.


Monday, January 10, 2011

I Can't Believe It~~~!!!

Copied from Jessying blog ^^
  My friend, Ying has done a review for Rimmel Shock Gloss Lipgloss[click here to read it] and posted on her blog on 24 December 2010. After I have read the review, it was so tempting and I felt wanted to buy and use it but then... Rimmel Malaysia is so good that they agreed to sponsor 10 unit of Rimmel Shock Gloss in transparent color for her readers as Christmas and New year gift!!! ^^

  She make it a 10 days giveaway for her Malaysia & International readers and this is only exclusive for her follower (via google friend connect). She posted one simple question/slogan for all of them to answer and they have 12 hours to join this giveaway each day.

  The 1st day of question is "I want to try Rimmel Shock Gloss because .... ( in 20 words)". Wow.. 20 words.. (x.x) Don't feel want to join the giveaway already. So I didn't really check out on the giveaway until...

  After I chat with Ying on MSN 3 days later which is the 4th day of the giveaway. Well.. I didn't noticed that she change the question everyday... That's why I didn't bother to check it out. She informed me that the question will be different every day and asked me to try it out as I want the Rimmel Shock Gloss.

  The 4th day question is easy, "Where can we buy Rimmel's products ( please provide 2 places)?". So I joined the party for the giveaway. Even my another friend, Loi, also joined the party.

 The giveaway ended on 2 Jan 2011 which is last Sunday. Since that day, I was waiting for the announcement of the winners for the 10 days giveaway. And finally, it's announced about 3 hours ago [while I'm sleeping ^^]. I didn't know that until I saw she posted it on FB. So I went to check out the winners list...[while still sleepy]. Click here for the announcement.

  Tadaaa.... Day 1, not my name. Day 2, not my name. Day 3, not my name. Well.. Of course my name won't appeared there as I haven't join the giveaway for the 1st 3 days. Then continue with day 4 and so on.

  Until Day 7... OMG~~!!! My name... I can't believe it. I really can't believe it when I saw my name. I was SHOCK & excited[of course ^^] as I never thought that I would win. Thanks to Jessying to organized such a giveaway and also to Rimmel Malaysia for the sponsor.

  This is the 1st time I joined a giveaway so I never expect that I would win. ^^ Oh.. I'm still very excited. I can't wait to get the lipsgloss on my hand. Hehehe..

  Congratulations to all other winners~~ For those do not win, don't give up. Who knows you might be as lucky as me in other giveaway~~~ ^^ I believe there will be other giveaway from Jessying. Can't wait for it.. Hopefully that I will be so lucky too in other giveaway. ^^

Join Rimmel's facebook fans to get more updates and promotion!!!
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