Monday, January 24, 2011


I went for shopping at Sg Wang yesterday and it's very tiring. Not long after I reached home, I fall asleep. >.<

We reached there around 11.41am so I can go to Watson Sg Wang to exchange for the Vichy Essentielles Cleanser. The exchange time is from 12pm-2pm. I'm like the 13th person to exchange [cause I got number 63 - assumed from 50 bottles per day and it's 2nd day] but mostly the person in front of me are those working in Watson >.< cause they worried if they will be excuse of stealing things. Got 1 person asked me about it whether need to bring the bottle of cleanser or what. I think she just get to know about it when she passby cause she don't have any cleanser with her. I think this is normal for those who don't go there often unless you get know from other website. I knew about it from You might want to check the website out cause it can get you updated on other promotions that's going on around you ^^ I get to know alot of other promotions available from the website too..

I haven't got the chance to use it yet[I might want to post a review about it later after I use]. I got 2 of it [1 for me and another for my bf. Yes, he followed me so that I can get 2 as he only use gel wash] and I'm thinking of give it to my mom & sis to use it. If they got empty cleanser, I might want to get it from them and exchange it again on 13 Feb at Watson Jusco Cheras Selatan ^^ so I can get 1 for myself.

So go get 1 for yourself. All you need to do is just bring a [empty] cleanser of at least 50ml in size and go to the outlet stated below on the date & time to exchange. It's absolutely free which is worth of RM25. Ahem.. I'm not sure this is suitable for any type of skin or not but the salesgirl informed me this is suitable to male and female but what's the harm of try this out as it's free. If it's not suitable for you, then you can give it away to someone else ^^ Erm... The image below informed that got free skin diagnosis and trial size but not when I'm there. The salesgirl inform me that's no more samples/trial and there wasn't any skin diagnosis as there is only got 1 salesgirl. Not sure is this also happened at other outlets.

After that, both of us already hungry like hell. And my bf want to go to the Causeway Bay Restaurant at Low Yat Plaza for lunch [he is very fond of Chinese foods and especially Hong Kong styles]. When we are there, the restaurant is not found at the location that I could remember of so I suspected that they closed down that outlet. So we went to another Hong Kong style restaurant that is at the LG floor. The restaurant's name is 港饮港吃[don't remember the English name]. My bf ordered 麻婆豆腐饭[Ma Po Dou Fu Rice] & 奶茶[tea] and I ordered Singapore fried mee hoon[cause don't feel want to have rice]. Overall, the foods is quite ok and my bf like his drink very much ^^.

After the lunch, we went back to Sg Wang for shop. We planned to buy few clothes for my bf and jean skirt for me. In the end, we bought few clothes [2 for him and 2 for me ^^ I just couldn't stop shopping for myself after so long] and some junk foods :P. I asked my bf to look for a jean for himself but either he don't like the patents or doesn't has his size >.< so unable to get himself 1. Same for me so I'm going to get a jean from Sogo [Sogo is having sales now]. I think I'll go for it tomorrow as I got lunch date today with my colleagues ^^[Well.. She resigned so we planned to have lunch together before her last day].

Before we going to Times Square [where we park the car], we walked for the last time to see got any other shops. We were passing by a beauty shop[for manicure & pedicure] and I saw a lady is doing threading there. I'm so excited and I asked for the price. It's RM10 [not sure whether worth it or not] for the threading and another RM10 to trim my eyebrows [which really need it]. This is my 1st experience. And OUCH... It's very painful and my tear nearly come out [I tried to hold back]. Until now I still got a bit of pain on my face. After the threading, my face is very smooth. Oh... How I love that feeling... But not sure whether I want to do it again or not cause of the pain. Well... I'm just curious and would like to try it out. So I did ^^ What an experience.

Both of us are exhausted and very tired already so I decided to go back ^^ But before we go back, my bf bought something for me [which I will reveal after CNY ^^] It's been quite sometimes I didn't go to Sg Wang & Times Square and there is a bit of changes [just a bit ^^ not  much]. But it's still full of people [as usual on weekend]. Ahhhh... How I missed the shopping life~~

So what have you done on your last weekend? Stay at home? Shopping? Or out of town? Share with me ^^ & I'm happy to hear about it~~


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