Friday, January 28, 2011

My Lunch At Banker's Club Yesterday

Yesterday my office sales team is having their sales convention at Banker's Club. The event is for whole day but unfortunately, I'm not one of the "lucky" person to be invited to the event. Well.. I'm not from sales team so I'm not going to that event. Though, 2 of my colleagues are selected to join the whole day event as they got themself an award ^^

OK.. Enough of the event cause I don't know much about it.. Hahaha... As I mentioned earlier that only 2 of my colleagues are invited, the sales team is still kind enough to let the whole team to join in for lunch. Yet, cause we need to back up all the calls >.< so we have to separated into 2 groups to go at each time which is 1 group for 12 pm and another for 1 pm.

So... I'm in the group for 12 pm ^^ We leave office at about 11.50 am and go there by monorail. We only know that the place is opposite of Times Square. The place sound so familiar to me but I just couldn't remember exactly the place :P So [ahem] I'm bring them to roughly the place I thought it would be and YAY~~ I got the place correctly :)

When we reach there, they haven't start the lunch yet. We are [actually it's only me :P] excited while waiting for the lunch. We not sure what we are going to have for lunch ^^

1st... We got a bread for starter. It's round, small [not really very small] and hot. When I put on the butter, the butter melted. Ooooo.. It's yummy. Sorry, I don't have a picture to post it here.

2nd... We got a cream soup. The creme is thick and creamy. It got some shredded meat inside. Well.. I think that is chicken [in my opinion from the taste] ^^ Overall.. This soup is nice. I finised the whole of it :)

Main Course
3rd... We got the main course. Basically, my colleague is guessing that this is salmon >.< Which in fact this is fish. OMG... FISH.... >.< When I saw it, that's my reaction. I was thinking whether can I change it or not but didn't really ask it cause everyone is having the same meal. Ohhhhhh... You must be asking why. So.. I'm telling you this that I DON'T eat fish >.< There is only some certain fish products that I eat but I couldn't list it out now but this is definitely not in the list :'( I was really disappointed that time but I got no choice so I just have to eat it.. Haihz.. Yes, I ate it [forced myself to do so] but couldn't finish it exactly. In the end, I'm suffering for the smell [which I couldn't stand] for the whole day after that. Ahem.. Whole day would be over but it's truth for the next few hours after the lunch >.<

After the main course, the sales team is giving away awards. Yes, awards to staffs. There is a lot of awards they are giving out. We are supposed to go back at 1 pm when the next group arrived but our manager informed us that we could go back after the desert so we are waiting for the desert. Unfortunately, the desert didn't come and it's like they are waiting for the awards ceremony to finish before they serve. We only half way of the awards [not sure it's half way or not] then we decided to go back already cause it's already very late >.<

Hahaha... In fact, we didn't straight go back to the office after we left. We went to Times Square to buy some ice-creams. Hehehe.. It's my colleague that want to buy. So we spend a little bit time on that. After that we go back to office by monorail. We reached office at about 2 pm ^^

You know what? When the 2nd group come back to office, they actually bring the desert back for us ^^

It's so nice of them to "tapao" the desert back to us. The cake is not bad [in my opinion again ^^]. Yet, still can't compare with Secret Recipe's cake which is some of their cake are my favourite.

So this is the lunch I have yesterday. And, what do you have yesterday? Or maybe any events that you would like to show/tell?? You are welcome to do show. ^^


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