Thursday, January 6, 2011


  Finally I got my own FB account which I created on 1 Jan 2011 ^^

  This few days been busy with my FB so didn't blog about anything for this few days. In this 6 days, I'm searching for friends that I have lost contact with. Some I managed to found their account but most no as I don't have their email address nor their full name. Also I'm trying to avoid adding people that I don't know or I don't want to keep in touch :P In the end, I got 120 friends at this moment[in just 6 days].

  In the past few days, I realised that I really missed a lot of things and events. Many of my friends already married or going to marry soon. Some of them even have kids already. Wow... Times really passby very fast. Just to think about that I have left secondary school for 10 years already. Many things have changed. A lot of friends, I can't recognize who are they and some I know the face but couldn't remember their name :P

  Since it's already 10 years after I left secondary school, I think this is time for me to stop my favorite habit - MIA[missing in action]. Hahaha.. That has been my habit no matter to who[friends & family]. Sometimes is because I changed my mobile number. I can't even recall how many handphone number that I had use before. ^^ Or I just want to be alone without people disturbing me. I don't remember why I have this kind of habit. Even now, I also got a feel doing that so but my mind is telling me to stop this. I missed a lot of things & events and I don't want to missed it again as I don't want to feel left out. That's why I created FB account to keep in touch with my friends. ^^


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