Friday, January 21, 2011


Have you ever think of what is love©??
Basically, what is love? Do you ever found the answer?

How do you know it's love? Because you missed that person? Because you care for that person? Because you can't get rid of that person from your mind? Or what is it?

I know, I know, I know. It's complicated. Everyone will have different perception about love.

Do you think you only love 1 person at a time? Or you can love many people at the same time? So what you say/think?

Why human never satisfied with what they already got/have/owned? I know this is a desire that every human will have, even I also got but yet I still don't know why. [Maybe I should stop asking "why" =.=] Maybe because this desire will push to work harder? Play harder? Think harder? Hmm... So that you can have/own something better...?? Well... It's ok but not so ok if it's regards a relationship. Some people tend to have 2 or more [you know what]. So is that mean that person can love 2 people at 1 time? Or just to satisfied some sort of "desire"? Hahaha.. I never could figure out that.

People alway say Love is complicated. Yes.. Indeed I very agreed with that but relationship is far more complicated than love >.< Cause it's not only involve with love but with tolerance and care too.. [and other that you could list of]. It's easy to fall in love but it's never easy to maintain a relationship..

Let me ask you a question.. Will you leave the one you love know for someone else? Or somethings else? Which is much much better than the one that you have now...

Ok, ok.. I know the answer. "Depends on situations" Hahaha... Guess so.. [If you have different answer then seriously you must let me know cause I'm curious ^^]

Guess that's all for today ^^ Hmm.. Will ask again when got new questions... Hahaha..

P/S Just out of sudden have this kind of questions pop into my mind. I always have this kind of questions but never got the answer >.< No matter in or out of relationship.©


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