Friday, January 7, 2011

Scandal in Relationship

  Scandal. What is the 1st thing that you will think of???

  I bet you will think of a guy have 2 gfs or more. What about a gal that have more than 1 bf?

  Actually this is very common nowsaday but not to everyone.

  When I was young{not meaning that I'm very old now], I don't know anything about love or relationship but I do admirer some guys. It's more like liking an idol. My friends got bf [I'm from gal school so mostly my friends are girl], got gf[yes, correct it's gf cause they are "L"] and some even married before they turn 18. And, of course, I'm not 1 of them. ^^

  The 1st time I really fall for someone is when I'm 19 and OMG, I'm the 3rd person in the relationship. >.< I don't even know what was happening at that time. It just start and end like that. So is this a scandal? I got many experiences in this. T.T And I'm not proud of it. I tried to put a stop to it but it always back to me without I knowing it.

  In the end, I started not to believe in guys. I started been very suspicious and very consious whom I'm going out with. I will ask whether they are in relationship in the 1st place but normally I don't trust it. They can lie about it[this is what I have learned]. You can see this in club. You will see the same guy bringing different gal every time. It really freak me out.

  But to my surprise, the gals in the club also doing the same.. >.< Even I, personally have a friend doing that. I couldn't do much. I persuaded her many time but failed. In the end, I just gave up. It's her life, and I don't want to bother to muuch. And I started to accept this kind of "cultural".

  It's not that I'm "open", but I experienced so many times that I'm the 3rd party so why gals can't do that back to guys? Why guys can do whatever they want but gals can't? It's just not fair.

  So.. It's not only guys can have few gf but gals also can have few bf.

P/S: I realised there is a funny part. Where the guys have scandals while their gf is a very good gf and vice versa. One of my friend also not happy about it. She is good & loyal to his bf and her bf treat her very bad but there is another friend that got a lots of bf and they all treat her very good. Why is that so??? This is really a question mark to both of us.


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