Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So tempting~~ Oh Chocolate~~

Oh~ Chocolate~
  For the past few days, I went for window shopping instead of having lunch cause I'm on diet. I just made myself milo before lunch time so that I won't fell hungry and looking for somethings to eat. Yes.. I'm skipping my lunch but definitely not leaving my stomach empty and hungry. What I do is I will make milo just before lunch[to make my stomach feel full] and buy some fruits to eat after lunch.

  Sure you are wondering how come I skipped my lunch instead of dinner. The story is I can't skipped my dinner >.< My bf would be expecting me to have dinner with him or at least must eat in evening[when he can't have dinner with me]. So I'm skipping my lunch without my bf knowing it ^^ He don't read this blog so I don't mind telling you. Hahaha... Shhh...

  So as usual, today I went for my window shopping too.. Well.. I have finished my crackers in the office so I would like to refill it therefore I went to the supermarket. I was looking arround to check got what items are on sales[as is near to CNY now]. I walk walk walk.. OMG~~~ Chocolate section~~ Ahhhh... I'm feeling that my saliva is going to drop out... I have to quickly go out from that section.

  *Sob sob* All the chocolates is so tempting and is calling me to eat them. Arhhh... I'm going to be crazy soon... I hate it so much when I'm on diet. Haihz... Who ask me gain so much weight last year. *Sob sob*

  Hopefully this will pass very soon~~ Wish me luck on successfully diet~~ Erm.. Cut down my weight~~ Hahahaha...


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