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Review ~ My Laptop - ASUS A52JC

I have wanted to do this since last month but lazy to upload the pictures therefore postponed until today ^^ I bought this laptop in November 2010~~
Open up
This is where I normally put my laptop.

Close down ~ front
 Just to show how it look like ^_^
Some of the specs
Don't think can read properly :P
With 2 applications running concurrently - PPTV & Ten Online Game
Been doing this almost all of the time ^^ & I'm loving it cause it won't hang~~
2 Ten Online Game running concurrently with PPTV still running
I have been using my old laptop, Acer, for the pass 4 years. And I started to hate it so much when I'm playing games. I like to play PC games and I could stick to the game for the whole day ^^ But it started to give me problem. It'll hang and all the records gone~~ Aarrhhhhhhhhhhh... I have to replay again. 1st time, I'm cool. 2nd time, nvm. 3rd TIME, it's KILLING ME~~!!! It's not only 1 game but few games. OMG~~ I really can't take it~~~

Fine~~ I decided not to play games already. I watch movies online using PPTV. I wanted to download movies but~~~ Due to limited hard disc[which is 80GB], I'm unable to do so. Whenever I want to download movies, I need to delete the old one 1st. I used up most of the space with my games and songs already so I got no choice.

My bf keep said want to reformat my laptop and I don't allow cause I got alot of applications that I want & couldn't afford to lost it *sob sob* I think this also cause my laptop to work very slow.

One day, I saw Dell leaflet on the table in the pantry and it attracted my attention to take a look of it. So I took it and read it. Wow... RM2k++ for a new laptop and with other specializations. It really attracted me. What I do after that is to go to Dell website to check it out.

Since then, my mind keep thinking of having new laptop. I already targetted Dell laptop Inspiron 15R. Click here to know about it. Planned to get it in short term. What really attract me is with RM2K++, I could get i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, 1GB for the graphic, 15" and the most is the 500GB hard disc. Just imagine how many things I could keep with that amount of memory ^_^

I told my bf about my plan and want to shop online. Hahaha... Guess what? My bf is really a typical, conservative guy. He don't believe in online shopping ^^ He persuaded me not to buy at that moment and wait since I still got my laptop to use. Well.. He really talked me out of it so I just keep the plan. Ahem.. Not entirely.. Hahaha.. Cause almost everday I go to Dell website to check out the price ^^ I even tried to Google it for the price that is for the same laptop in the market. Well.. Definitely the price is higher than Dell.

I'm so bored so I decided to play game again. Again~~~ The game hang and all the records gone *sob sob sob* I really can't stand it and complainted to my bf. So my bf suggested us to go survey the price 1st before shop online. Who knows got better offer out there. He even contacted his friends to ask which brand better. Hahaha.. He is such adorable ^^

We went to Low Yat Plaza to survey. I wanted to have the same spec as Inspiron 15R. We went to each and every floor to survey the price. For few hours. Lastly we got to this booth, the salesman intro me ASUS A52JC [as not much brand got 15" size] and he quote us the price lower than Dell. Wow.. It's so tempting. But.. We didn't decide on the spot. We still go around to survey on the same model but all the price is still higher. In the end, we decided to buy this ^^

I'm so excited when I got this laptop. My bf even more excited than me.. Hahaha.. After talking for so much I still haven't got into the topic :P

Ok.. Stop rushing me... So here you go..

CPU: Intel Core i5-460M, 2.53Ghz
VGA: nVIDIA GeForce 310
Display: 15.6" HD
HDD: 500GB
RAM: 2GB [ I add another 2GB so total 4GB ]
Wireless: 802.11n + BT
OS: Win7 Premium
Want to know more on the specialization? Click here

You know online games need to use up alot of RAM and graphic so it'll cause the laptop/PC to be slow. Well.. With this laptop I got no issue at all. I can even run 2 of the online games concurrently with my PPTV running and it won't hang ^^ I love it~~ This is probably due to the i5 processor. Refer here for more info about i5 and you will know why I choose i5 but I think will be slightly different as this is for 2nd generation. i7 is too high tech and not neccessary for me ^_^

It's spacious with the 500GB HDD. Wow.. How many movies,songs, pictures and games I could keep?? Hehehe.. Don't ask me as I still got alot of space and don't know when I'll use up ^^

The graphic is nice and you can choose which program you want to run with nVIDIA or with built in VGA. The speaker is loud too.. I don't need extra external speakers ^^ It's running very quiet. Sometimes I'm not sure whether it's running or not. Hahaha..

Basically, this laptop is perfect for me. Ahem.. Almost perfect. This is because only recently I found out that this laptop doesn't have built in bluetooth. I thought it got so that I could just bluetooth things from my phone to this laptop without using the cable but... Haihz.. Well.. Can't do much about it. Unless I really want it, then I think I have to buy external bluetooth then ^^

I would recommend this laptop to anyone except extreme heavy user on graphics and games. This is good for those who surf net, do their normal online, watch movies/dramas, play games etc... Well.. This is affordable so it's good for those who have low budget. If you got higher budget than RM3K then you can go for higher specializations ^^ This is just my mere opinions.

P/S: Above is just my feeling and experience. This is not a paid advertisement. If you got any questions about my experience, feel free to do so. But if you got questions or complaints on the products, please refer back to ASUS as I do not represent them in any form.


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