Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ooopppsss... I did it again~~

Oooppsss... I did it again >.<

Stop...!!! Don't think of something else ^^

All I want to say is I think I have to admit that I'm shopaholic >.< OK... It's not like it happened every month [oooo.. how I hope so ^^] but just once a while. It's been quite a time I didn't shop for clothes [no money >.< no time]. Been busy with work and lazy to go out from my house after work or weekend hence not much shopping is done last year.

Well.. In my earlier post, I mentioned that I still missed out a jean so I went for it during my lunch time. Ahem... But the 1st time I'm looking is not jean >.< Well.. Some office wears [Oh no... Clothes again]. I know, I know. I already bought few the week earlier and last Sunday. I have also told myself to stop shop for clothes.

So in the end, I'm managed pursuade myself to buy only jean [Ahem.. 2 jean(s) ^^] and another jacket [it's clothes but it's zip type so it's jacket. Hahaha...]. Well... It's sales time [Chinese New Year is coming], man, so I just have to pamper myself once a while ^^

Oh oh oh... I saw some shoes too... *drooling* It's like RM50 for 1 pair so I need to think 1st before I buy cause I don't want to over my budget >.< But should be OK if only for 1 pair ^^ Well.. I was looking for something around RM20 - RM30 but if can't [I'm choosy ^^], then I'll get that RM50 one.. Hehehe..

Ooohhhh... I just can't stop it >.< I think I'm going to spoilt myself again soon... *Instinct*


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