Monday, January 10, 2011

I Can't Believe It~~~!!!

Copied from Jessying blog ^^
  My friend, Ying has done a review for Rimmel Shock Gloss Lipgloss[click here to read it] and posted on her blog on 24 December 2010. After I have read the review, it was so tempting and I felt wanted to buy and use it but then... Rimmel Malaysia is so good that they agreed to sponsor 10 unit of Rimmel Shock Gloss in transparent color for her readers as Christmas and New year gift!!! ^^

  She make it a 10 days giveaway for her Malaysia & International readers and this is only exclusive for her follower (via google friend connect). She posted one simple question/slogan for all of them to answer and they have 12 hours to join this giveaway each day.

  The 1st day of question is "I want to try Rimmel Shock Gloss because .... ( in 20 words)". Wow.. 20 words.. (x.x) Don't feel want to join the giveaway already. So I didn't really check out on the giveaway until...

  After I chat with Ying on MSN 3 days later which is the 4th day of the giveaway. Well.. I didn't noticed that she change the question everyday... That's why I didn't bother to check it out. She informed me that the question will be different every day and asked me to try it out as I want the Rimmel Shock Gloss.

  The 4th day question is easy, "Where can we buy Rimmel's products ( please provide 2 places)?". So I joined the party for the giveaway. Even my another friend, Loi, also joined the party.

 The giveaway ended on 2 Jan 2011 which is last Sunday. Since that day, I was waiting for the announcement of the winners for the 10 days giveaway. And finally, it's announced about 3 hours ago [while I'm sleeping ^^]. I didn't know that until I saw she posted it on FB. So I went to check out the winners list...[while still sleepy]. Click here for the announcement.

  Tadaaa.... Day 1, not my name. Day 2, not my name. Day 3, not my name. Well.. Of course my name won't appeared there as I haven't join the giveaway for the 1st 3 days. Then continue with day 4 and so on.

  Until Day 7... OMG~~!!! My name... I can't believe it. I really can't believe it when I saw my name. I was SHOCK & excited[of course ^^] as I never thought that I would win. Thanks to Jessying to organized such a giveaway and also to Rimmel Malaysia for the sponsor.

  This is the 1st time I joined a giveaway so I never expect that I would win. ^^ Oh.. I'm still very excited. I can't wait to get the lipsgloss on my hand. Hehehe..

  Congratulations to all other winners~~ For those do not win, don't give up. Who knows you might be as lucky as me in other giveaway~~~ ^^ I believe there will be other giveaway from Jessying. Can't wait for it.. Hopefully that I will be so lucky too in other giveaway. ^^

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