Wish List

I think I should put wish list in my blog [finally] ^^

© Urban Decay Naked Palette
   e I get to know about this palette from FunnyFaceBeauty's blog. She was having a giveaway that include this palette. So I joined the giveaway but I'm not the lucky one that win that giveaway *sob sob*

© ELF 100 Eyeshadow Palette
 e I also get to know about this palette from a giveaway post which is from Nea [Fashioned in Finland] This is also another palette that I would like to try out. Can you imagine how many combination you could have with that 100 eyeshadow?? ^^

© Sedonalace 88 Palette
 e Hahaha.. Another thing that I want also I got to know it from giveaway post ^^ This is from Madiha's blog.

© M.A.C Lipstick Creme d' Nude
 e I very fond with nude look now [at this moment] but couldn't really get the right colour of nude that match with my face >.< I would love to try out this 1 ^^

© Travel to Japan
 e Yay.. This is definitely will be in my wish list. This is the place that I wanted to travel since I'm in secondary school. It's my dream country. Erm.. Not sure why. Hahaha..

© Weight below 50kg
 e Ahem... I never reach anything near 50kg even I tried out alot of ways. Maybe this is because I always give up easily >.< If you got any ways that I could try, please do let me know ^^ Even review for slimming products also I don't mind as long as I could get near somewhere around 50kg then I'm very happy ^^ Update: On 7 Mar Start swimming soon ^^ So hopefully can get anywhere nearer

© Own Blackberry Torch 9800
 e I planned to have iPhone 4 but I know that I always very careless with my phone so somethings that depends 100% on touch screen is definitely out from my list >.< This BB is a combination of QWERTY keypads and touch screen so I would like to have it ^^ But currently it's out of my budget

© Get Lasik
 e I begin wear spectacles when I was 9+ so it's going to be nearly 20 years I have wear spec/contact lens. I really would like to go back to those days without vision-aids.

© Become fairer/whiter
 e People who know me will be wondering why is this in my wish list as I already very fair. Well.. I don't really regards my self as fair because my colour tone tend to be more to orange base. So no matter how fair I'm now, I'm more to orangish instead of white. >.< I really jealous of those people who got very fair[which is more to white] skin. Hahaha.. Which I know some people that I know are jealous of me cause I'm fairer than them ^^ But this is not the colour tone that I want :P Hopefully this is be of my wish list in the future[which mean I have become white]. If you got product that is for whitening and you would like someone to review, please do let me know. I'm more than happy to do it ^^

© Travel to Taiwan
 e Since Japan is the 1st country that I would like to travel, then the 2nd on that list would be Taiwan ^^ There is so many shows are showing whats in Taiwan and really make you feel that you want to go there ^^ Especially after all the Taiwanese dramas

© Own a dream house
 e I would like to own a dream house but it's not cheap to have that so I changed it to own house. Me and my bf have different concepts on how the house should look like so it's ok just to own my own house ^^

I think that's it for now ^^ I'll update when I got new item in my list. Items above is not listed according to their priority. It doesn't matter which 1 I done 1st as long as it's done ^^ Thanks for reading

Update: On 7 March 2011

© Travel to Korea
 eTaiwan & Japan are in my wish list but I still want to go to Korea~~!!! Ohhhh.. I wish I could go there... But the expenses is... Really out of my budget >.< So this will stay in my wish list XD

© New Digital Camera
 e Before this, I don't feel any necessary to buy a new digital camera as I can just take picture from my handphone... Recently, I felt all the picture I took from my handphone is very blurred T.T So it's like telling me that I should get a digital camera. Another reason is too many people around are using digital camera and I felt that I'm out >.< 1 more reason is that I could take nicer pictures for my blog then.. Hahaha...

© Get a job with higher pay
 e Huhuhu.. Don't let my boss know XD This is definitely in my wish. Nowsadays all the expenses are spiking very high but the salary... Never increase T.T It's getting hard and hard to cope will all the expenses already. Well.. This is everyone wish ^^

© Move to new house
 e I just stayed in the current house for nearly 1 year already and it's getting worse & worse T.T It's not that the place is not nice. Besides the rental is on the high side, but my housemate got 2 dogs and they dirtied the house everytime >.< Normally they are closed in the cage but recently they no longer stay in the cage at night or even day time. In the morning, sure got peep and poop on the floors. After work reach home, also the same T.T Some more the smell cover the whole house =.=" So me and my bf always just stay in the room unless we really need to go to the kitchen. We don't even feel want to stay in the living room. When we started to stay there last year, we don't have this kind of issue. Well... It's either my housemate let them stay outside of the cage or you will get disturb noise early in the morning (when they are in the cage, they will make noise every morning T.T) So we have to bear with it until we move to a new place....

That's all for the update ^^
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