My 2011 Resolution

Time flied so fast and it's 2011 now~~

I never have any resolution for the year so I'm going to have it for this year. ^^ Below will be the lists[Yes, lists] of it. Hopefully I will achieve all my resolutions below before 2012 [which is for new resolutions]. =D

1) 1st of all.. I need to lose weight that I have gained in 2010. T.T Which is about 10kgs. :o Yes.. 10kg. I still can't believe that I have gained that much in 2010. I can't wear all my clothes already.. All my favorites. *Sob sob* CNY is coming soon[less than a month] so I don't think I could make it for CNY. Therefore I'm planning to achieve it before my birthday in April. Hohoho..
Update: On 7 Mar Unfortunately I didn't get anywhere near this resolution T.T So I have to postpone it to my bf birthday in Nov

2) To travel to other places other than Segamat[my hometown], Seremban[my bf's hometown] & Genting. In 2010, I didn't get to travel to other places other than what I mentioned just now. T.T My bf promised me that we will travel to oversea in 2010 [and he break the promised] but unable to do so as a lot of things happened and furthermore we didn't get to buy any promotion tickets to travel oversea. You know.. Tickets is not cheap plus all the expenses you going to spend will travel will cost you alot. We also spend alot of money so didn't really save much. We planned to travel to oversea in 2011 but I think need to postpone it to 2012 as there is alot of plans that need to use money in this year. We missed out the promotion last year to get cheap tickets so I'm going to look out for it this year. ^^ Wish me luck. Ahem.. Still haven't get to my point yet.. Hahaha.. Well.. For 2011, I don't mind to travel to other places like Penang, Langkawi, Redang etc [in Malaysia] as long as it's not just the places that I have mentioned earlied. ^^
Update: On 7 Mar So far I only managed to go to Melaka. Need to arrange more places to go ^^

3) When recall back what I have been thru in 2010, I felt that I got a dull 2010 without excitement. Not to mention that I very seldom go to clubbing nowsaday. I have just joined as a member of WEvents in Dec 2010 after been invited by my friend, Jessying. You can click here to know more about them. They organized events and only women is invited to the events. And, I'm going to 1 of their event on 27 Jan 2011. This is the 1st event that I'm going. I can't wait for it.. You can check out the event here or there. Hahaha.. Again out of topic. :P So my 3rd resolution is to make my 2011 as exciting as I could. I'm going to events, hanging out with my friends[I missed them alot] etc. I don't want to have another dull year. ^^
Update: On 7 Mar OMG~~ I only went to 1 event >.< Didn't manage to hang out with my friends T.T Felt like lefting this resolution out...

4) Start blogging.. Yeah.. Sure you wonder that I have already start to blog so why my 4th resolution in 2011 is this. I created this blog is not because I want to blog. My 1st intention to create this blog is to teach other people [kids] how to blog. I never know it's so much fun about blogging. I never blog and I never read a blog before. I read Jessying's blog in the mid of 2010 but it still didn't really attract me to start blogging. I only checked on her blog few times [more like browsing] before I created this blog. Then one day.. While I was searching information about Firemen Steamboat, I saw few reviews about it and it started to attract me. Now there are 2 blogs that really inspire me to blog which is Tammy Miu and Jessying blog. Both of their blog is really so good and make me wanted to blog so much. Ahem.. Especially their reviews of products. I'm so jealous of them cause they can get free items for review. Hahaha.. I don't expect to be like them without any efforts. I know they have put alot of efforts to make their blog so successful. So I'm going to start blogging whenever I can. ^^ I believe I can do it.

5) Have a FB account and stay connected with my friends & family. I mentioned before that I got a habit of MIA[Missing In Action] and I still don't know why. Even now, I still got this kind of feel sometimes. I just want to be alone without other people[my friends and family] know where am I, what I'm doing etc. I even think of going to some places that no one knows me. There is few times that even my family can't contact me[ I think got 1 time is about 2 months] and my mom is so worried about me. They even think of making police report that I'm missing. Hahahaha.. Ahem.. I know I shouldn't let them worried like that but I just don't know why I like to do that. Ok, sometimes it's not because I want to do so. I lost my handphone few times so I lost all my contact numbers. Or I changed to new phone number and other people can't contact me. Hehehe.. I have created my own FB account [I used to use my bf's FB account] on 1 Jan 2011 ^^ and I realised that I really missed my friends. I also miss alot of events eg wedding, gave birth. After I read their FB account and saw their pictures, I noticed that alot of my friends already married and some even already got child but I still not aware of it. T.T I really missed alot of events which make me think "why I didn't create FB account much much earlier". Well.. I was lazy to have 1 and I know I will addicted to it[which proved it's true as I'm on my FB everyday since I have created]. Hahaha.. Now my bf not happy about it cause I'm on FB everyday.
Update: On 7 Mar Yay.. The only resolution that I managed to done so far... >.<

6) Erm.. Still can't think of it right now. Oh.. Just got 1. To save money. ^^ I want to save alot of money cause I got alot of things that I wanted to buy and do. But the main reason is to save for future use. =D

7) Oh.. 7th.. Hmmm... Still thinking. Hehehe.. I'm so lazy to think of it now. [Maybe should put not to be lazy as the 7th resolution of 2011. Hahahaha] Oh yeah.. Got 1 more again. To get myself married in 2011. Wakakaka.. Is it nice?? Or I'm just too desperate? ^^ Wish me luck. I want my wedding day to be on 11 Nov 2011. Nice right? Not too sure whether able to make it or not. Need to depends on my bf T.T
Update: On 9 Mar This is half way done >.< Half way??? Sure you are wondering why... This is because I have done ROM with my bf (should I start to call him my hubby...?? Hmmmm.. Not use to it XD) but reception will not be done this year. By law, I'm married but from Chinese people perception, I'm still haven't officially marry yet ^^

8) Hahaha.. 8th already. Never know that I will have so many resolutions. Aaaaarh.. Really can't think of it now. Will update later then[for real this time ^^].

Will update once I have achieved. Happy 2011~~
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