Thursday, February 10, 2011

Long Time No Update

1st.. I would like to apologize for no update from me for the past 2 weeks >.<

Chinese New Year just past [not exactly as CNY is supposed for 15 days] and I haven't wish you all... So Happy Bel@ted Chinese New Year ^^

Well... It's not so happy for me [or people in Johor, Malaysia]. My hometown was flooded >.< but was lucky enough that the water subsided before CNY. However, most people already lost the mood T.T My house is away from the flooded area but the shop... [My family is selling Bak Kut Teh and don't ask me to cook as I don't know how to cook =.=] My family washed 3 times - yes... 3 times to make it clean. Well... Still not yet 100% clean but 98%. So we still managed to open shop on 1st day CNY ^^

That few days are disaster for me T.T I helped out my mom at the shop for 4 days. Well... We have to walk and stand for the whole day. Most of the shops still closed due to the flood so that few days we got a lot of customers. On the 1st day itself, both my leg already started to pain but still bearable. On the 2nd day, the pain got worse and my left leg is swollen T.T Until I need to get injection from doctor to ease the pain >.< As for the 3rd and 4th day, I got the pain killer but still painful T.T Luckily we are out of stock on the 4th day already so my mom decide to take off on the 5th & 6th day ^^

We went to Melaka. Main reason we went there is to take me to see a Chinese Traditional "Doctor". As usual, I thought that he would put some Chinese Tradition Medicine on the legs and massage but... End up he is doing different ways. He can tell me the sickness I'm having by looking at my face o.O and feeling the pulse at my wrist. He also did the same to my bf >.< Both of us going to try out his medicine and see what he claim to be true or not ^^ As I'm having my monthly "time", so I have to wait until that time pass before I can start the medicine. [Will keep you update on the result ^^]

We stayed 1 night in Melaka. My bf and I went back to Seremban on the next day. I just got back from Seremban yesterday night ^^

Overall... Not so good cause very tired and my legs still pain [Well... Not that pain anymore but still got pain >.<] And I'm lazy to back to work today :P

That's all from me now. Got a lot of things in my mind that I would like to share with you all but couldn't think of it now so will post it up later ^^

Stay tuned~~


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