Saturday, February 12, 2011

Colour Contact Lens~~

Yesterday after I read a post from Bunny of a Life of a Bunny on Puffy 3 Tone Aqua Review, suddenly I got the urge to get one for myself >.< However, the blue colour is too strong for me but I'm looking forward for the grey one. She bought aqua and grey but she haven't done the review for the grey yet that time. [She already posted the review for the grey one. Click here to check it out.]

This also remind me which I got mine colour lens 2 years ago [Actually, only 1 year plus :P]. That time I got 2 pair which I bought when there is sales. I forgot what is the sales about already but that time I also got my other contact lens (without colour) too... 1 is grey and another 1 is amethyst. I already wore the grey one and I like it but unfortunately, one of it is broken so I couldn't wear it anymore *Sob sob sob* I haven't wear the amethyst one so I'm not sure how it look like. I planned to wear it tomorrow ^.^

Before she posted for the grey review, I already googled to check anyone is selling this. I found Miss - Lens which is selling at RM 45 a pair. Then I also saw got other brand too... I'm interested with Puffy 3 Tone Grey, Celeb Nudy Green and Natural 3 Tone Grey. Already planning to buy then received an email from Bunny to ask me to check on another blog which is Eyes Lens. Luckily I haven't bought it cause Eyes Lens got cheaper price which is RM 35 a pair ^^

This time I took more effort to check around for cheaper price. I noticed that RM 35 a pair is the cheapest already. I also found another blog that is selling lens from a forum. It's Your Lil' Secret. Currently it's having Valentine promotion. Click here to check on the promotion ^^ It's from 11th - 18th Feb only. This is for pre-order. I'm going to order from this promotion ^^

While I'm writing this post, I found another 2 blogs which is Lili's Lens House and PopPink Vision. If you are interested, check on their price and do some comparison 1st. Some of their price is cheaper after compare but I'm not sure whether they still got stock or not >.<

After seeing so many brands and colours, the 3 brands I mentioned earlier are the 1 that I'm interested the most. This is only for me as different people got different taste ^^ But I'm still thinking which colour should I get o.O As for Puffy 3 tone, I already sure I will get grey for that brand as other colours doesn't suit my taste :P For Celeb Nudy and Natural, I'm thinking of green, blue and violet >.< I really not sure which to get 1st. I also like their grey but because I'm getting grey from Puffy 3 tone so I don't think I want to get another 1 more. Well... I'm thinking of getting blue 1st cause my brother's wife is interested with the green 1.

Hahaha... Yesterday night, I called her just to talk about this o.O Cause I don't know who I want to talk to. She is currently wearing a blue contact lens. After I showed [actually gave her the website] the pictures, she is thinking of getting 1 too because the price is very cheap compared to her current one [which is RM 90 for 3 months o.O]. Her eyes are very dry so I told her that I'll try 1st then only ask her to buy ^^ If the lens are good quality.
Natural 3 Tones Grey
Puffy 3 Tones Grey

Celeb Nudy Green
So share with me, do you have any colour contact lens or which one you like more ^^

PS: I'll do a review on the contact lens that I buy cause a lot people scare to buy contact lens online as got people have bad experience that the lens quality are not good. Well.. The review is definitely my honest opinions. I will definitely not say the thing is good or recommend it if it's bad ^^


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