Sunday, February 13, 2011

Make Up My Mind

If you read my previous post then you would know that actually I'm thinking of getting colour contact lens for myself.

At 1st, I couldn't make up my mind which brand and colour to choose. I even post as my status. Hahaha.. I know it's crazy but I just couldn't make up my mind that time. My friend even ask me to becareful because they selling the lens so cheap. >.<

Finally I have decided which brand and colour but then don't know which seller I should buy with. After I did the previous post[which at that time I already decided to buy from who], I googled again and found a forum which is Cari. This forum is in Chinese word. Go check it out[you must be able to read Chinese word ^^]. There is alot of things in this forum but currently I'm only interested in colour lens so I didn't bother to check other things^^

In that forum, I found few other seller that are selling at lower price than previous blog that I found. Since I do not want to register[in order to post comment, you must register 1st] aka lazy to register, I emailed the seller instead. Yes, the price is cheaper but very hard to know whether is the price is the latest price or not o.O

In the end, I emailed few sellers to ask whether they got the stock for the lens that I want and the price. 3 of them replied my email and lucky... 2 of them got the stocks. ^^ Both of them have the same price and including postage [nice which earlier I didn't found this] but they using different postage o.O so I go for the better one ^^ which is from Prettylock. Click on the link to check out her post. She included her email there ^^ I think she is having promotion right now. The lens I bought is RM 3x for 1 pair and this is including postage ^^ Well... I bought 3 lenses so not sure will the price change if buy lesser >.< Different brand got different price. The lowest price is RM 2x for 1 pair but the patents doesn't suit my taste therefore I didn't go for that ^^

I already make my payment and she will post it tomorrow for me. Yay.. I'm so excited now and can't wait to get the lens on my hand ^^ There is some slight different choice of colour from my previous post but I wouldn't disclose here now ^^

Stay tune to know which I have bought from her ^^


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