Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas is Coming in 11 days!!!!

Christmas is coming to Town....

Merry Christmas to Everyone~~~!!! ^^

How nice if Santa Claus is really exist

  I don't really celebrate Christmas but it's public holiday so it's nice. My department have just organized an exchange present event last Friday. The worst part is I don't know what to buy~~~ >.< But finally managed to get 1 in the end.

  Alot of my colleagues is celebrating Christmas therefore alot of them on long long leave already. Most of them took leave for more than 1 week[Planning to do this on CNY if allow ^^]. Wishes all of them Merry Christmas..!!! But this causing those still working have more workload than ever...

  Previously I used to go to club on Christmas Eve[just for the sake of going clubbing and not for celebration]. But since I have cut off clubbing from my routine work... I think I'll stay home with my bf then. So lazy to go out since everywhere will be full of HUMAN. Hehehe... But still have no plan yet. At first thought of going to Genting (^^) and my bf is very excited about it but the plan have to change cause no longer going to Bentong on the next day[to pick up my bf's aunt & brother]. So Genting trip is postpone to next year.

  Feel want to go clubbing on Christmas's Eve now... But I can't cause I got things to do the next day. Hmmm... Maybe I should go on Christmas night [horified while thinking about it as I know for sure all the clubs will be pack like hell and in the end I'll not enjoy it]. Double thought, I will give up the thought of going to club. Hahaha... Maybe I should just stick to stay at home plan. ^^ To continue to watch my favourite anime. And I think I better get back to my work before my boss know I used my working time to blog. :D

Hohoho!!!! Wish all of you Merry Christmas~~~!!!


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