Friday, December 17, 2010


  This morning I saw an advertisement in The Sun about StarbucksThey are celebrating their 12th years anniversary and they are going to give out a complimentary cup of freshly brewed coffee from 10am - 12pm today..!!!

  Unfortunately, I'm not coffee drinker. If not, sure I'll go and get one for myself. Hehehe... How nice if they are giving out the chocolate drink free... ^^ 100% I'll go get one. My bf is a occasional coffee drinker [previously is heavy drinker but he cut down the drink just for me *^.^*] but he is in his sweet dream now.. >.< So he can't go get the complimentary drink from Starbucks.

  I also know that they are giving out 2011 planner this year for those who have collects 12 stamps. I have 2010 planner but don't think I will go and collect it this year. Cause need to spend alots of money[to buy their drinks which is at least 12]. Further more, I still haven't use the 2010 planner yet. >.< Hopefully I'll use it in 2011. :D

  Thinking of Starbucks, it reminds alot of things. I'm not really keen on Starbucks drinks previously as I'm not a coffee drinker and it's quite expensive too.. However, I always get free Starbucks for drink. ^^ I got treated alots of times on Starbucks from my ex-colleagues from my previous job. Well... In my previous job, we can get discounts from Starbucks[that's why I'm afford to collect 2010 planner].

  Starbucks got their year end drinks and I bought it for my bf. He like some of it very much and now he missed it very much. ^^ I'll buy 1 for him and 1 for me so that's how I have collected 2010 planner. ^^


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