Friday, April 22, 2011


I went to KLCC today after work to meet my friend to collect something ^^ Will reveal that later ;)

I never expect that I will bump into Hanis. I knew that she will be there for whole day but KLCC is so big... So it's not easy to bump into people unless you know exactly where they at that time ^^ Maybe it's already a signal for me XP

My friend will only be there after 7pm so we went to have our dinner 1st. Today is his off day and he haven't eat for the whole day yet... Pity him... >.< So after dinner, we went to MAC counter to look for my friend ^^ Then we off for our movie...

Hehehe... We go watch free movie... Yeah... This is because I got my free movies pass from Nuffnang ^^ I mentioned about it here in case you don't know XD

We don't know what movie to watch. Then he suggest us to watch Red Riding Hood and the ticket person also said it's nice >.<

Well... Still OK >.< But not up to what we have expected XP Not too bad but we expected more... Hmmm... Action or horror should I say? Hahaha... Really can't describe XP But don't think I will watch it for the 2nd time. Hehehe... Well... It's been a while since the last time we watch movie in cinema ^^ I missed alot of nice movies T.T Been too busy already... Next month will be a bit free but I want to do business....

I need help... Haihz.. Nobody can help me other than myself >.< Wish me good luck then ^^ I really need it XD
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Stay tuned~~


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