Friday, June 10, 2011

MIA Again~

Hahaha.. Sorry for MIA again >.<
Been busy lately AGAIN XD
I went back to my hometown last weekend and not feeling well after that T.T
This weekend my parent and my sister whole family coming to KL
Yeah... Hmmm.. Am I really that happy??
Well.. I only know that I will be very tired >.<
They going to Genting on Sunday o.O
I want to follow~~~!!!
BUT I need to work on Monday >.<
AND I got wedding dinner to attend on Sunday =.="

So many things to do BUT so little time >.<
24 hours are NOT ENOUGH for me..
What about you??

They are coming to KL today ^^
They going to stay in Klang tonight then only stay in KL tomorrow.
After that go to Genting on Sunday.
Maybe I will go to Klang tonight ^^
Going to overnight there.

Planned to bring them to go eat seafood for dinner...
My sister planned the same too..
But funny is.. We both planned to go to SAME place...
Well.. I been there few times but still don't remember the restaurant or the place name.
So when my sister told me where she planned to bring our parent go, I also don't know that we planned to go to the same restaurant XD
Until... She gave me the link to

Credit to

So coincidence that we planned to go to the same restaurant..
Hahaha.. Proved that this restaurant really recommended ;)

On Saturday morning, they planned to go to try seafood bak kut teh..
Wow.. Never try this before.
So they eagerly want to try that.
Planned to go to Toh Yuen for dim sum buffet as breakfast..
Since they want to try that seafood bak kut teh, so we will go for the dim sum later..
Previously I bought few coupons from for this dim sum deal ^^
You can check it here. (The deal already over >.<)
Can't wait for it :P

Hmmmm.. Seem like can't stop writing already..
Hahaha... Going to stop here 1st ;)

Love to hear from you on how you going to spend your weekend ^^
Or any nice place to go / nice foods to try ;)


Redbloodsnow said...

What a coinccident kan :) both of the suggested the same place..hihi :P

Thera said...

Tu lah pasal.. hahaha..
mungkin dia google kot XD

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