Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shuang BBQ Steamboat Buffet Officially CLOSED???

Yesterday on FB, suddenly I saw a post from Shuang BBQ Steamboat Buffet that they are officially closed effective yesterday >.<
I got ask why but no reply from them till today...
Been there for few times, kinda like it. I bought about 13 coupons from Deal. I post about it here.
I still got 2 coupons left.
Thought of going to use it soon T.T
Need to email to for refund.
Not sure they going or not.
Will email them later.
You can check on their FB page.

PS: Will update again after I have contact for the refund

Update: informed that they are in the midst of refund.
They will refund the money as in store credits.
You can use the store credits to purchase the deals that you want.
Approximately, the refund will be done by this week ^^
So don't need to worry. ;)
They informed that they actually blasted out email to all the customers [which still got coupons that haven't redeem] about this, but funny thing is that my friend didn't receive that email. o.O
Luckily, Shuang informed in FB page.
Oh... For those that didn't realised about this, not to worry.
As got the list on unredeem coupons from Shuang.
They will refund based on the list.
If you still worry about it, please kindly email to

The refund is done already. I got mine. What about you?


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