Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dream House - One Legenda

Do you have a dream house?

I bet you got ^^ But how many people actually can afford their dream house? Besides those super rich people T.T

I never thought of what kinds of house that I should have. Well... I could only think of terrace house XD

Recently I saw a gallery of a bungalow which is worth more than RM 4 million >.< I don't think I will ever afford to buy this kind of bungalow. But everyone can dream of it ^^

I like the design of the bungalow. It's 3 storey bungalow and they got 3 types of it. Only 26 of them o.O

One Legenda is a prestigious project by Nova Legend Development Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mah Sing Group.

Their Concept
Not all homes are created equal
Welcome to the distinction of life at One Legenda
26 Freehold Limited Signature Bungalows

Type A
Indicative Land Size : 8,075 sq.ft.
Indicative Built-up : 6,313 sq.ft.
No. rooms : 6+1

Type B
Indicative Land Size : 8,075 sq.ft.
Indicative Built-up : 6,754 sq.ft.
No. rooms : 7+1

Artist Impression of Type C
Indicative Land Size : 6,650 sq.ft.
Indicative Built-up : 5,700 sq.ft.
No. rooms : 6+1

Master Suite Type A

Master Suite Type B
Ooooh... I love this style... >.< Wish I can get this room in my house no matter it's from this bungalow or not ^^

Bedroom 1 Type A

Bedroom 1 Type B

Bedroom 2 Type A

Bedroom 2 Type B

Living & Dining Type A

Living & Dining Type B

Private Lift ^^
Thinking of the maintenance fees >.<

Private Gym Room
I wonder they included the equipment or the owner has to buy it >.<

Private Jacuzzi
Can enjoy own spa at home ^^

Smart Home & Built In Alarm System

Walk in Wardrobe Type A
I'm wondering for Type B but they didn't put the picture in their website T.T.

Sure you are wondering how come don't have Type C picture. Well... This is because they don't have Type C picture in their website >.<

I wonder whether they can mix the design or not..?? Hahaha.. I like Type A design more but I love Type B Master suite design XP Why should I bother since I can't afford to buy T.T Anyone want to buy for me..?? XD I know, I know, I know. In my dreams >.< That's why it's dreams house... Hehehe...

You can see more image at Mah Sing Group or One Legenda website. Both also got more details than here ^^ All the images here are taken from Mah Sing Group

Disclaimer: I'm not doing promotion for them. I didn't see the real bungalow or even the showhouse. It's just that I came across this project and their design really caught my eye ^^ And suddenly it has become my dream house >.< So I just want to share with you all ^^ For registrations or enquiries, please kindly refer back to the developer. I'm not responsible for this XD


Melanie said...

I know that I definitely can't afford my dream house and I don't even have an elaborate design in mind. I'd love a house that stands on its own bit of land, like a lot of the houses do in America and Canada but I'm crying for the moon there. Completely detached properties aren't as commonplace in England and they usually have a much higher house valuation on them. Way out of my price range.

I'm unbending in my intention to have a power shower and a massive great brick barbecue though.

Thera said...

I also have the same thought too... But I'm working on it now to get my dream house. Well.. Maybe not this house as this is way way out of my budget. I might get a smaller house as a subsitute and try to copy few designs which I love from this house ^^

Everyone must dare to dream so then they will climb higher ^^

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