Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No action T.T

In my previous post regarding "Motivation", I mentioned that I would like to slim down by going to swim.. If you are wondering which one, click here to read it ^^

Well... I'm sorry to say that the motivation really didn't last long T.T Or should I said the motivation died very soon even before I start it >.< I have dedicated some time for it but I keep give lame excuses for not doing so o.O Wondering what kind of excuses?? Ahem.. Got "It's going to rain", "I'm very full so not good to go swim", "Today is not the day" etc...

T.T I'm not keeping the promise... That I have made for myself >.< Everytime my enthusiasm only last for a very short period T.T Now I'm wondering will I make it today.... o.O

In less than 2 weeks, my birthday will be here and I'm not getting any slimmer T.T Now I disappoint my ownself... I think I just want someone to accompany me. But I really wonder how come I can do it alone last time...?? That time I went to gym alone ^^ Maybe I have been too pamper by him?? Too rely on him?? Arhhhh....!!! I have to be myself back T.T

Does this happened to you too??? To all the women that's in love now??? What should I do then...?? I think I got to force myself to start it today or else I'll never start XD

Wish me luck ^^ I really need it


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